G-eazy Concert at The NorVa

He’s a successful rapper, songwriter and producer with several nominations over past years from his work; and January 21, 2015 he graced the stage at The Norva in Norfolk Va. IMG_2409 The diverse crowd ranging from high school students to mature adults, packed out the entire two story venue as other talents like Kehlani, warmed up the stage. When the countdown started for Young Gerald to come out, the crowd started to chant G-Eazy. He began his portion of the show withΒ his song “Downtown Love”. Most of his performance came from songs from his latest album “These Things Happen” before finishing the show with two of his most popular songs “Loaded” and “I Mean It” IMG_2440 It was one of the best concerts I’ve been to; given the jam packed audience, the pleasantly chaotic crowd and the deafening bass of the music. All of those elements along with G-eazy’s insane performance made that Wednesday night one to remember. Β The energy fromΒ G-eazy’s performanceΒ had the crowd goingΒ Β crazy. The venue was able to comfortably accommodate the large amount of fans. Flawless performance. If you were there and want to relive some of the night or still want proof check out the videos below from some of his best performances of the night.

We rate this Concert:Β 10/10

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