Trends We’re Sick of Seeing on Social Media

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 Our 13 Trends HITLIST

1. MOOD: Ok so we’re definitely tired of seeing “my mood is” pictures. How can your mood be Kim Kardashian or a big mansion. Or even the picture below? lol Come on you guys let’s think of a new word and stop being gross . Side note: Clearly you’re “bothered” if you have to say you’re “unbothered” FYI lol.
2. CURRENT SITUATION: For example, my current situation is a want to eat 4 large pizzas and play with my cats. Again, the picture below is not a “current situation” lol.
3. BASIC RESTAURANTS: Going to basic ass restaurants swearing like it’s something special! In our video we used the restaurant Ruth’s Chris because we see a lot of people go there and brag about it; they put on a front.  We are absolutely tired of basic people going to Ruth’s Chris and acting like they hit the lottery. Let us not forget to mention that these are the same people hashtagging #getyourmoneyup #workhardplayhard and degrade other people especially when they already know they  can’t even afford a fine dining restaurant themselves. Remember that people that actually HAVE money don’t brag about it on social media.
4. QUOTES- Using music quotes for a picture definitely is something that we are sick of seeing. For example, a girl wearing a slutty outfit and then pairing it with some drake lyrics or even a bible verse lol. ” sorry for the wait”, ” running through the 6 with my woes”  “birthday behavior”. We have also seen people use a slutty picture and then use it to combat societal issue or something serious that’s going on in the world like Gun Violence or a controversial murder. Like seriously stop it.
5.Relationship: We are tired of seeing people in  basic  relationships and them posting pictures of Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé and  saying #relationshipgoals. No one even really knows what their relationships are like in real life and who really wants someone else’s relationship. Focus on your OWN relationship goals. You will never be Kim or Beyoncé and who really wants to be. Even though being Beyoncé for a day might be kind of fun lol. It is also obvious that when a new couple post a whole bunch of pictures and then abruptly stop, it’s a given  that there is trouble in paradise lol. We don’t need to know everything that goes on in your relationship. That’s how relationships end. Take our advice on this one.
6 FAKE ENTREPRENEUERS:  Just because you sell hair or body wraps ect does not make you an entrepreneur. That is not YOUR company. You are simply a representative for a company. Get it together!  Know the definition of an entrepreneur .
7 ANNOYING PARTY PROMOTORS:  You do not need 20 people promoting one party. When party promoters say VIP , a lot times it’s just a small ass table in the corner lol. Let us not forget the sexy ladies on the flyers are never actually at the party. There are some party promoters that make a legit living in the industry and we respect them, however, a lot of promoters are struggling lol. We’ve actually seen someone take a loan out from the bank to throw a party because they did not have the money.
INSTAGRAM MODELS: . We thought they died down but unfortunately they’re still on the rise lol! Please listen when we say that just because you take a few pictures, does not make you a legitimate “model” in the industry. Take a few selfies in your dirty house does not make you a model. Lastly, just because a popular local photographer has taken a couple pictures of you it does not mean you have made it lol.  Not everyone can be a model and that’s ok. We are also tired of seeing these same basic models willing to do ANYTHING, hosting parties and again ending up on flyers. You should have more going on in you’re life then “turning up” everyday of the week.
9. INSTAGAM RAPPERS:  We are tired of the Instagram rappers and artists in our dm’s giving us their music. It seems like everyone is trying to rap nowadays and that is also not something that everyone can do. We do however give credit when it’s do. So show us something that’s actually different. Not everyone is about that life and if you haven’t actually really lived in the “hood” stop pretending that you have. Who wants to pretend they live in the hood lol. People look at rapping nowadays as an easy way to make millions, which of course is ridiculous. Don’t be afraid of hard work, sleepless nights and some no’s. Just remember that if  making millions of dollars was really that easy, then we all would have it right?
10. FAKE FOLLOWERS: We can tell you’re followers are fake and so can everyone else. For example, if you have 11k followers and only 10 of those followers like a picture.  Obviously that’s not all you. Buying followers is so childish, even if they are “quality” followers lol.
11. GIRLS EXPOSING THEMSELVES FOR LIKES: Don’t be mad at anyone if they are slut shaming you if your ass and vagina are out all over social media. Celebrities get away with this but, they’re also getting paid to take off their clothes and to be raunchy. Are the 20, 40 or even a 100 likes really worth it to you. Stay classy ladies….and some guys too lol
12. LABELS: We are tired of seeing people that we know work at Cracker Barrel or the drive thru window at Taco Bell post pictures of Louboutin heels and other super expensive brands and stated they cannot wait to wear them! Where are you going in those heels if you are still working at Cracker Barrel? We want to know lol
13. PARENTS OF THE YEAR: Lastly if you are a parent, is it really important to still go to the club and smoke weed every weekend and post it on Instagram. Get your priorities in check lol

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