Game of Thrones Season Five Finale Recap: Is Jon Snow Really Dead? Plus, Here’s what’s happened to the rest of the cast.

You’ve done it again Game of Thrones (GoT) and this season was no easier than the others. Disclaimer: spoiler alerts ahead about all of season five and the gut wrenching season finale.

So if you didn’t know by now I am a big GoT lover and despite my attempts of trying to get Ariel to obsess over the series, I’m still at it alone which means I have to suffer through season after season of disturbingly horrifying twists, turns and major character deaths. While GoT has never been afraid to terminate a major character on the show, I’m still hurting from the brutal attack on Jon Snow! Is he really dead?


At the beginning, the first few episodes of GoT this season moved pretty slow but what can you expect with so many story lines. I was eager to catch up with the development of several characters but I knew that by the end of this season I would probably need some sort of therapy.

Jon Snow

who I’ve become super attached to, began this season at the wall (shocker) and throughout the season he decided to make an unpopular choice to have the wildings fight on the side of the crows. He manages a meeting with the wildings and convinces a few thousand to fight on his side against the white walkers, should they come; only in time for the white walkers to actually show up, erupting in one of the most exciting fight sequences ever on the show. He returns to Castle Black and the crows allow the wildings that managed to survive the attack from the undead, past the gates.

Unfortunately enough his fellow brothers at the wall didn’t like this decision and decided they needed to do something about it. Instead of having a peaceful and uneventful chit chat about their differences (wouldn’t that be nice) GOT decided to have his fellow comrades take out Jon snow ‘Julius Ceasar’ style with poor little Olly delivering the fatal and final blow. It’s hard to imagine that Jon Snow might not be back for another season but if the “Red Wedding” episode from season three has taught me anything, it’s to be ready at any point and time to say goodbye to an important character, good or bad.

Having to sit through another emotionally tumultuous season without the hottest…I mean bravest guy on the show is going to be difficult but there is still a chance, even if it’s a small one, that he could have survived the attack. I might just be hopeful (trust me, i’m trying not to) but the fact that Melisandre’s convenient return to Castle Black just before Jon’s attack could be to revive him from the dead; since she can do that of course. But if not the ‘Red Wedding’ episode actually served a good purpose in preparing me for the acceptance of major and lovable characters being brutally killed off, for pretty much no reason at all. Goodbye Ned Stark, Catelyn Stark, Rob Stark and now, good ol’ Jon Snow. You will be sorely missed. If he doesn’t come back I guess we’ll never know the truth about his lineage (R+L=J). Oh well.

Jon Snow
Jon Snow traveling to speak with the Wildings (people from north of the wall)
Jon Snow fighting and shockingly killing a White Walker commander in the undead army

Sansa Stark

you poor thing. If there’s one thing about this season, they really attempted to pull on the heart strings of all of us GOT lovers and I have to say, they succeeded. Try as I might to not get attached to any characters, I have been secretly rooting for Sansa. I’ve been to afraid time and time again that she’s next on the chopping block, and I want to save myself as much heartache as possible.

After being in the slimey clasps of ‘Little Finger’ (Petyr Baelish) since last season, he sold her off to the highest bidder, in hopes he can secure a more prominent position for himself; and what do you know, she ends up in an even worse position than ever before. The only thing worse than being married to king ‘Crazy Ass’ Joffrey, would be marrying Ramsay ‘Crazy Eyes’ Bolton (as I call him), the bastard son of Roose Bolton. I was almost convinced that she was safe back home at Winterfell with Ramsay, seeing that he was so excited to marry her. But what can we expect from a power obsessed freak that likes to butcher off people’s…important parts (rip to Theon’s future children).

Sansa goes through with her arranged marriage to Ramsay after an inspiring revenge speech from ‘Little Finger’ and has the worst wedding night ever. She tries to enlist Theon (now called Reek) as an ally to help her escape Ramsey’s scary eyed self but Reek is so far gone at this point that he runs to his master (Ramsay) and tells him about Sansa’s plans. Which of course puts her in a dangerous position with the Boltons, not to mention Ramsays’s totally jealous girlfriend (Myranda) that does every thing she can to make Sansa’s life a living hell. Reek does manage to redeem himself at the very end of the season, admitting he didn’t in fact kill her little brothers, saving Sansa from Myranda by killing her, then helping Sansa and himself escape.

Of course we don’t know if they survived the jump from the wall but chances are, they do. By now we can count on GoT to never leave us questioning if a character is alive or dead; when they kill someone off they make sure it’s overkill to avoid any confusion of course (Oh, lucky us). I’m really hoping that Sansa finds some way to safety. She’s probably the most picked on and abused character but by her surviving all that she’s been through, I have to believe that her ability to stay alive will count towards something in the long run. Fingers crossed anyways.

Sansa being given away at her wedding to Ramsay Bolton by Theon Greyjoy (Reek)
Sansa Stark and Ramsay ‘Crazy Eyes’ Bolton
Myranda (left) and Sansa Stark (right)
Reek (Theon Greyjoy) and Sansa jump from the wall to escape Ramsay

Daenerys Targaryen

and her dragons, where do we start? She begins the season with a rebelling city from a gang known as “the Sons of the Harpy” who create some very tough situations for her rule as queen over the city of Meereen. I really don’t know why they won’t give her a break, after all, Meereen is just a pit stop on her way to ultimate domination over the seven kingdoms but it wouldn’t be GOT without inserting some close calls (death wise) with some of our favorite characters.

She’s still in a ‘friends with benefits’ based relationship with that guy no one’s really interested in (I literally don’t remember his name, oh wait…its Daario) after exiling Jorah. Her dragons are still chained up and uncontrollable despite her being their so called “mother.” Her army, the ‘unsullied’ is also in a dangerous position as they are constantly, all season long, slaughtered by the sons of the harpy. Grey Worm manages to survive a calculated attack by the vicious harpy gang even though Ser Baristan doesn’t. After her advisor/friend’s untimely death she decides to not only reopen the fighting pits but marry Hidzar zo Loraq, the son of one of the richest family’s in Mereen, in hopes of a more peaceful rule. Jorah manages to kidnap Tyrion Lannister, who’s on the run (after escaping prison, and killing his father), in an attempt to get back in Daenery’s good graces. Of course this goes terribly wrong when Jorah and Tyrion are attacked by the stone men on their travels and Jorah contracts the infectious disease. After being sold and then presented In the fighting pits in front of the queen, Jorah declares his loyalty to the queen and she again exiles him but takes Tyrion; and they have the most anticipated conversation In GOT history.

After which Jorah reappears again like a roach that won’t die, only at this time Daenery’s seems more sorry for him. As he’s about to die he saves himself and then the queen by lunging a spear into one of the sons of harpy members, who attempt to murder her. The tournament then takes a turn for the worst as several sons of the harpy members appear in the audience slaughtering everyone they come across. When the queen and her confidantes are surrounded, her escaped, world-roaming, disobedient, child/dragon Drogon appears and saves the day. She then, saddles his back and they fly off into the distance together.

Of course this was supposed to be another astounding moment in the series but if your not a book reader like myself, it would just seem like another strange moment in the series; an awesome one, but not a very stand out moment for a show that considers zombie snow people and immortal magic children that live in trees the norm. By the end of the season she is in the middle of no where with Drogon and is then captured (or so we’re supposed to think) by a dothraki tribe.

Daenerys’ story line in this series is one of my favorites but I’m definitely ready to see her attempt to retake the iron throne. I’m not sure about the rest of you but I have been waiting long enough for her to assume her rightful place instead of spending several more seasons plotting how she’s going to “break the wheel”. Guess we’ll just have to wait for that attempt until season thirty-two at this rate.

Jorah Mormont (left), Daenerys Targaryen (middle), Ser Barristan Selmy (right)
The Sons of the Harpy
Game of Thrones,Series 5,Episode 9,The Dance of Dragons Dinklage, Peter;Fry, Joel;Clarke, Emilia;Emmanuel, Nathalie as Tyrion Lannister;Hizdahr Zo Loraq;Daenerys
Tyrion Lannister (far left), Hizdahr Zo Loraq (second to left), Daenerys Targaeryn (second to right), Missandei (far right)
TV STILL -- DO NOT PURGE -- Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 8 - Pictured: Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister, Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen.. Photographer: Helen Sloan/ courtesy HBO
Daenerys Targaryen and Tryion Lannister finally meet
Drogon saves the day and kills everyone

Cersei Lannister

is another most watched character of mine, as well as most hated. Ever since she told her brother to push little Brandon Stark from the window because he caught them having disturbing twin incest-sex, I’ve pretty much hated her. She has done her more than fair share of dirt but the season 5 finale had me feeling pretty sorry for her.

The beginning of season five actually began with a flashback of an adolescent and mischievous Cersei, that visited a witch lady in the woods who had a dark yet accurate vision about her future. Back to present day, after the death of her father at her brothers hand, she is in mourning and even more so because her youngest and last living son (King Tommen) is marrying a woman she absolutely despises. So Cersei does what she does best and begins plotting the demise of her daughter in law queen Margaery. I’m still debating if queen Margaery is team good or team evil but that’s to be determined.

Anyways, Cersei manages to find some hope in the Faith of the Seven, the insanely strict but dominant religion in Westeros; dedicated to snuffing out the sins of every person in the realm. Cersei backs their cause by mistakingly allowing them an army, giving them even more power than ever before. This move allows her to get rid of two problems; the first being her arranged marriage to queen Margaery’s gay brother (Loras Tyrell) and the queen herself from her marriage to king Tommen. They are brought up on some stupid charges, pretty much for the queen hiding the fact that her brother is gay and they’re both imprisoned. As Cersei walks away feeling relieved and over joyed at yet another plot gone right, she finds herself in some hot water with the Faith of the Seven. One of their devout members being her snitch cousin she used to also have incest sex with. He decides to spill about their gross intimate relations to the High Sparrow and Cersei is imprisoned.

Her poor depressed son King Tommen, as young as he is, does nothing about either his wife or mother being locked away except lock himself in his room. After weeks of imprisonment, Cersei begins to see her sinful ways (at least that what she claims) and decides to take the high road by invoking “mothers mercy” a law that forbids death as a punishment, as long as the sinner admits to their sins. Cersei admits to sleeping with her cousin, but not her brother who she has three kids with and instead of just simply being released she gets the “walk of atonement” as punishment. Her long signature locks are chopped off and she is paraded in the streets of her city completely naked for all her subjects to lunge feces, laugh, and yell “slut” at; but at least she returns home alive.

The writers and director of the show forced us for about five minutes to watch her grueling, naked, foot bleeding walk; so by the time she reaches the Red Keep she is completely broken, battered, and bloody. The scene was more difficult than I anticipated to watch, even though she racked up more than 4 seasons worth of crap to deserve it. They ended her storyline for the season by introducing her to ‘The Mountain’; her approx. seven foot, scientifically Frankenstein engineered, lapdog that vows not to speak until he has exacted revenge on all her enemies. At that moment you can see broken Cersei Lannister quickly revert back to her old hateful for no reason ways. Guess the walk wasn’t all that bad.

Cersei (right), Margaery Tyrell (left)
Cersei and her twin brother/babies daddy Jaime Lannister
Cersei donning a new hair cut
Cersei about to take her naked walk of shame

Arya Stark:

– The last character I’m going to mention despite their being several more story lines for the season, has to go to bad ass Arya Stark. She has always been hungry for action, excitement and a bit of blood since we met her in season one but by the end of season five we witness her actually cross a name off her hitlist of people to kill. After suffering through all she’s been through in the series, it’s understandable she wants to make someone pay for her hardships.

She begins the season traveling to Braavos with that wired coin in hand, given to her by the strange man that can change faces, Jaqen H’ghar. She arrives and after many attempts, is allowed inside the house of black and white. She sweeps floors, watches people drink poisonous drinks and cleans dead bodies as preparation for her training to become the ultimate assassin. All of which she willing to do, besides one command; in order to become a faceless man for the Many Faced God she must become no one. She thinks she’s up for the job and kinda goes through with it until she runs into Ser Meryn Trant, a complete asshole and one of the names on her hitlist of people to kill.

She follows him around until she finds her opportunity to exact revenge. She steals a face from the house of black and white, sneaks into a brothel, and makes sure she is picked as one of the children this a-whole enjoys abusing. He gives her a good beating and she reveals herself to him after gouging his eyes out of course. It’s one of those “Yes, finally!”, moments in the series where someone you’ve hated for years finally get what they deserve. She brutally kills him, repeatedly stabbing him before cutting his throat. She returns back to the house of black and white where Jaqen questions her about her mission. She lies to him of course and he gives her the age old speech an ‘eye for an eye’ (pun intended). He drinks a vial she thinks is poison and falls dead to the ground. She cries as she removes his several faces until she sees herself lying there dead. Jaqen (not really dead, since he’s in fact no one) questions her some more as her sight begins to fade away until she is completely blind, punishment for taking a life that was not hers to claim.

I grew to have a huge interest in Aryas story line, she is the most aggressive of all her siblings it seems and she has a thirst for revenge. Hopefully, she will get her sight back like she did in the books but I can’t wait to see how they will continue to adapt her story line. I’m really hoping at some point for a reunion between her and her other surviving siblings. By then I’m pretty sure she’ll be this bad ass renown assassin (at least I hope). I know one thing, and that’s if they kill off Arya Stark, I will personally begin rioting and even worse, stop watching GoT. She is a loved character and has a lot more of a story to develop. I’m pretty sure her thirst for blood is far from quenched!

Jaqen H’ghar and Arya Stark in the House of Black and White
Arya Stark loses her vision as punishment for disobeying the Many Faced Gods

-As a whole, I truly enjoyed this season and I’m more than sure season six will be even crazier since the writers do love to torture us fans. I will make sure to use these next 10 months as emotional preparation for whatever season six decides to bring, until then I’ll keep re-watching the season five finale until it’s seared into my non-believing mind that Jon Snow is indeed dead.

Other notable moments and character’s from season five:

-Princess Shireen’s death at the hands of her desperate father, King Stannis Baratheon, was another impossible to watch, tear jerking moment. He got what he deserved, when Brienne of Tarth finally got her revenge by slicing him in two .

King Stannis Baratheon, the worst dad ever

-Jamie Lannister finally got to have an honest moment as a father to one of his children, although it was only for a few minutes. Princess Myrcella revealed she always knew he was her father and told him how happy she was for him being her real dad before dying in his arms from a poisonous kiss planted by Ellaria Sand. He can expect to be in the doghouse for a long time with Cersi after delivering this news. It was his job after all to bring the princess back home from Dorne safely, meaning alive.

Game of Thrones, Series 5,Episode 10,Mother's Mercy,Sky Atlantic, Coster-Waldau, Nikolaj;Tiger Free, Nell as Jaime Lannister;Myrcella Baratheon
Jaime Lannister with his daughter/niece Myrcella Baratheon

-The Sand Snakes are also some bad ass rebels, desperate to avenge their fathers death (a common offense in GoT), Prince Oberyne. Fighting, poison, and manipulating seem to be their strongest skills. Can’t wait to see the fallout from their leader/mother figure Ellaria poisoning Princess Myrcella with a kiss. Never trust a sand snake!

The Sand Snakes, Prince Oberyne’s daughters

-Melisandre’s convenient return to the wall just before Jon Snow’s death has kept me hoping she can and will do something to revive the hottest hero ever in GoT history (since she can bring people back from the dead). Although she abandoned King Stannis in his time of need after convincing him to burn his own child alive, which in turn drove his wife to commit suicide and then lead to him and his army’s defeat, she could totally redeem herself (in my book anyways) by simply bringing back Jon Snow! Can you hear my desperation yet?.

Melisandre, The fire Lady-witch

-Brandon Stark was a no show this season and after spending seasons traveling to find the mystical non human children of the forest that live with the three eyed raven at the talking tree (I’m being serious, for those of you that may have not seen the show or read the books) I’m eager to see how his powers have evolved.

-Petyr Baelish was another no show in the season five finale. He’s somewhere slithering about and probably plotting ways to gain more power. I want to believe he has some sort of loyalty to Sansa and helping her stay alive but you never know with him. He is one of the main characters responsible for the beheading of Ned Stark (Sansa’s dad) something Sansa still hasn’t discovered.

Petyr Baelish with Sansa Stark, who is technically his niece by marriage. At least not by blood since they do enjoy kissing each other

-Samwell Tarly managed to leave the wall and become a maester with his girlfriend Gilly and her son/brother baby sam (seriously, what is it with all the incest?). He did get to share a last bromance moment with Jon Snow, promising to return to the wall eventually. Sam and Jon’s friendship was one of the scariest relationships for me to watch because it was only a matter of time before one or both of them were slaughtered GoT style; and my worst nightmares came to fruition with Jon Snow’s death. I’m really wondering how Sam will take the news when he finds out his best friend was murdered by their own so-called brothers? Chances are not too good.

Samwell Tarly and Gilly

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