HAPPY HOUR: Insidious Chapter 3, Caitlyn Jenner, OINTB Season Three “Spoiler Alert”

Insidious Chapter Three: Ok! We were definitely confused by the newest installment in the Insidious Saga. The movie did not leave off where the second movie ended and from the very beginning we were introduced to a new family with NEW drama and NEW “ghost issues”. The main character, Quinn Brenner, did not really seem like she could handle the whole “paranormal activity thing” but who really can. Shortly after the movie started she was hit by a car after she was distracted by a waving ghost lol. Good Job Quinn.


The movie continues with Quinn being tortured by a ghost that is haunting her apartment building. Her father doesn’t really understand why his daughter continues to get brutally beaten and her neck almost broken while he’s at work yet he still continues to go…..It’s a ghost duhhhhhh! lol


As the movie continues, we find out the ghost that who is haunting the apartment building and who is dragging Quinn into the “Further” afterlife dimension. Unlike in the first and second movie, the demon/ghost was actually quite terrifying. However, the ghost in the third movie we thought was a poor choice. Like how is a old man ghost scaring all the other ghost in the whole building. He’s even wearing an oxygen mask.


Elise is recruited again to cleanse the home and to bring Quinn back into her normal life ! We really enjoyed the fact that Elise stood up for herself and told the transsexual ghost from the last movie to “Bring it on *itch”. It’s still sad knowing that Elise did actually die in the second movie and the setting of Insidious 3 is in the past. It was also mentioned that Elise’s husband committed suicide and we actually wanted more information on that. The writers just decided to throw that information out there. Maybe we’ll get some answers in the next movie possibly.


The movie ended on a happy note for the family. We did not necessary like this because what made the other two movies so interesting was the fact that the family was still being terrorized in some way. At the end of Insidious Three, Elise was the one that was still being terrorized by the “tranny ghost” AKA Lady in the Black Dress.

We recommend that anyone who has seen the last two movies to go and watch the Third. However, knowing how pretty creepy the other two were, the third falls short in our opinion.  Hopefully if there is a Fourth Insidious installment, James Wan comes back to be the Director.

Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner

As of course everyone pretty much  knows by now, Bruce Jenner has decided to live the rest of his life as a woman.


We personally feel that there is a lot of other controversial problems and issues that are going on right now than CAITLYN JENNER. We will say, however, that it was very brave of him to make this change in his life and to be honest with himself and his family. It is sad to see that his responsibilities as a father or a parent don’t take priority over his transition though. There are a lot of people in the world that are Transgendered that can’t afford expensive surgeries and for millions of people to support them in their journey. I would’ve respected the situation a lot more if he wasn’t so in to making everything into a television special. It almost feels as though he’s making a spectacle of it.


Hopefully Caitlyn Jenner’s heart is in the right place and that maybe he  can use his own transition to help other Transgender people and bring more support and awareness for them. We’ll end that on a positive note.

Orange is the New Black Season Three:


We have watched half of the third season of OINTB. We have to admit that we aren’t too impressed so far. The storylines in the last two seasons were a lot more interesting and definitely held our attention. It was really nice to see some of the backgrounds of some more of the characters though. For example, Gonzalez is in prison for selling fake drugs to some of her classmates in school.


The real father of Daya’s baby, John Bennett, has left her. He completely left his job as a correctional officer and is nowhere to be found. Hopefully he returns back at some point during the season.


What is going on with Piper and Alex? They are officially a couple now and so far all they’ve been doing is anger banging each other. We can also see that Piper is definitely becoming more institutionalized and is thinking more criminally. I hope they bring up her ex-fiancé and her best friend because we definitely would like to know if they are still together. So far there is no information about their relationship .


We are absolutely excited to see Ruby Rose as Stella on this season. She definitely adds a new look to the show and she is absolutely gorgeous. Hope to see more of her.


Is Vee really dead or is that what they want us to believe? We hope this question gets cleared up for us this season.


There’s really no real way to describe the show this season. We’re just absolutely bored so far. Stay Tuned for our full review!

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