Affordable Vacations In Americas most Beautiful Cities

Ok, so there’s a little over a month left for summer and with these scorching hot temperatures lately doesn’t it just make you want to put on some sun shades, a nice bikini and take a dip in some crystal clear waters with a margarita? No, Just us?… Ok well even if we had you up until the margarita point we think everyone loves or at least deserves a good vacation but our pockets don’t always agree. So we thought we would compile a list of our 7 favorite vacation spots, in America, for way cheaper than you think!

1. The Florida Keys

The best thing about the keys is the diversity! You can pick and choose how you want to spend your time in the keys based off which island you want to visit. For instance, if you’re looking for non-stop party binge with friends Duval street in key west is your place, if you’re the more adventurous type then key largo would be your playground with all the diving and snorkeling activities, or maybe you just want to do nothing with great beaches surrounding you, then Islamorada’s beautiful islands is your dream vacation. Honestly with over 120 miles of tropical paradise stretching off the southern tip of Florida, there’s something to do for everyone. Have you started packing your bags yet? If not, pretty sure the starting price at $159/night at a resort will help convince you.



2. New York City, New York
Calling all night owls or anyone looking for more excitement than they can handle! No, it doesn’t have crystal blue coast lines and white sands everywhere but there is a skyscraper and national landmark with about every 5 steps taken in this city. Aside from historical landmarks; breath taking art, fine cuisine and all of those designer brands just waiting to be stared at through store windows, await you. A nice visit to the statute of liberty on liberty island is a definite must, and if you’re a pasta lover like myself then a trip to little Italy or just about any pizza joint in the city will make you want to pack your bags and move there. Let’s not get started on the world famous “Fifth Avenue”; where stores such as Barneys and Henry Bendel entice you to spend yourself into oblivion. Rockefeller center is another landmark to see, including Times Square, Central Park, and everywhere else you can google. If I described every place you should visit in this city, this blog post would be as long as a George Eliot novel; so just take my word and book a trip there. You won’t regret it, especially when you can stay in the city for as little as $145/night.




3. Santa Monica, California
You ever just want to lay out on a beach cabana and just let the world pass by? If yes, then Santa Monica is definitely the place to consider. Live that ultimate California experience while bicycling the South Bay trail, surfing and paddle boarding is popular here, and don’t forget to visit the famous Santa Monica Pier with the aquarium located under the piers carousel. If you want to wind yourself back up after unwinding, the exciting streets of Los Angeles are just a 40 minute drive away but we doubt you’ll want to leave Santa Monica. Especially when you can stay in this world renown, celebrity infused, ultimate relaxation spot for around $200/night.

downtown-santa-monica Santa-Monica-pier-California lowes-hotel

4. Washington D.C.Ā 

That’s right, the country’s capital made the list and if you have to ask why, you will never understand until you pack your bags and visit. Aside from the countless hours you could spend touring museums and national landmarks, D.C. Is also well known for its sports, theatre, shopping and restaurants. Visit the White House and maybe catch a glimpse of the leader of the free world, then swing by the Washington monument, matter a fact, the entire national mall. Not to mention, most of the museums there as well as the National Zoo (one of the oldest zoos in the country) don’t charge admission. D.C. Really knows how to treat a tourist, especially when you can visit for as low as $90/night.


An aerial view of Washington, D.C., focusing on the United States Capitol.
An aerial view of Washington, D.C., focusing on the United States Capitol.


5. Hilo, Hawaii
You really can’t go wrong picking Hawaii as a vacation spot. The most stressful thing about Hawaii is choosing which island to vacation on but we think Hilo, the largest city there, is a great place. The city boasts world famous volcanoes, waterfalls, zoos and gardens so it’s a place that’s well worth the visit. Sight seeing and learning a little bit of history never looked so good either on the island of Oahu, the site of Pearl Harbor and Waikiki beach. Kauai and Maui’s beautiful rain forests and mountains are other breath taking places in Hawaii. Ok the whole island of Hawaii is worth seeing, so consider vacationing there for at least a month. It might actually be possible with rates as low as $60/night.

ITO_01 Hilo-Awesome-Wallpapers-4wlp.com_ hawaii

6. Saint Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
We’re not sure if a beach could be any more beautiful than saint Croix but then again it is the Caribbean so would you expect anything less than perfect. Saint Croix is the largest of the three main islands including Saint Thomas and Saint John, that make up the Virgin Islands. Aside from snorkeling and diving (a must in waters this clear) you’ll want to experience kayaking, canoeing, Buck island cove, Cane Bay, horse back riding and pretty much anything they offer. The island is too beautiful to resist, still don’t think so? Well, you can stay there for as low as $80/night. We thought you might be interested.

Snorkelers at Buck Island. St Croix.US Virgin Islands

4730_View_out_to_Grapetree_Bay_and_Divi_Beach_resort_ stcroix

7. Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada

The last place i’m going to mention is where you come to find some peace and serenity, Lake Tahoe. It’s well known for its crystal clear lake and beautiful towering mountains. The great thing about this vacay spot is its well known for its ski resorts as well, so this is a great vacation spot during the winter too. You’ll want to avoid scuba diving at such high altitudes at this location but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beautiful waters. Parasailing, jet skiing, and paddle boarding are great ways to take in Lake Tahoe. But hiking and biking its surrounding mountains is the ultimate brag worthy story to tell back at work during lunch hour. There’s also a few casinos located in the area, this is on the border of Nevada; so be sure to take some spending (more like losing) money when you go. Get away from the old ball and chain and truly relax for as cheap as $110/night.

lake-tahoe-summerscape-scott-mcguire Lake-Tahoe-optimized heavenly-lake-tahoe-mtn il_fullxfull.311868484

So there were like 3000 other places in the country worth mentioning as well but it was hard enough fighting the urge to just drop everything and head to the nearest airport. So we dare you to head to google and take a better look at some of America’s most beautiful locations. We don’t think you’ll be able to resist, just make sure you pack enough credit cards to enjoy the trip and most importantly be safe!

Have you taken a vacation lately that you think everyone should hear about? Well, we know we’d love to live vicariously through you, post about it in a comment below! Catch us next time where we’ll be mentioning affordable vacations outside the U.S.

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