Your Blessings Will Change Your Circle of Friends

I’m definitely not the most religious person ever, however, I do believe that sometimes when you elevate within your life your circle of friends may change. It’s as if the more success you achieve in your life, some of your “friends” really began to show their true colors and reveal the true place they hold in your life. Whether you’ve received a huge blessing that you’ve been patiently waiting for or something minor that you truly wanted; not everyone is going to be there to support you and like your status on Facebook. Some of your so called friends are waiting to hear some bad news that will set you a few steps backwards. Remember that some of your “friends” are comfortable when you are in the same boat as them or have maintained a level that is significantly below  their accomplishments. Some “friends” want to see you do well, but never better than they are.

Allow us to introduce you to some of the types of friends that you should kindly…kick out of your circle and fire from your life.


The Success Moochers: These types of friends only come around after you have reached a certain level of success, but were not there during the times when you were struggling and eating ramen noodles every night. Now that you can afford a new car, some foreign cuisine and a vacation to Turks and Caicos certain friends want to come out of hiding to use your success and attempt to elevate their own. I feel as though Kobe Bryant said it best when he said, ” Bitch you wasn’t with me shooting in the gym”.  The success moochers  are often inconsistent within your life and appear when it may be beneficial for them. You should never put your trust is this type of friend, because once they have gotten what they wanted from you they will go silently back into hiding where they came from. Fire Them!

qouIpThe Innocent Liars: Liars in general are the absolute worst people ever. When you have people in your circle that are liars they may do a variety things. If you have received a blessing and are progressing, your “friend” may feel the need to lie to keep up with your achievements. Everything always feels like a competition to them. For example, you may tell them you just got a brand new job offer making more money and they will tell you that they already make twice as much. They have a hard time showing their support and it is a challenge for them not to lie.

They may also spread lies about you behind your back as an attempt to hurt you. They will tell you how much they support you and then talk behind your back to others. They may use lies to justify the reasons behind your success, and suggest that you did not work for anything you have obtained.   The part of the innocent liar that typically pisses me off the most is that they always seem to act as though they have amnesia when their storytelling comes to the light. This type of “friend” can turn into an enemy in no time and often envy you to the point where they are willing to slowly try and destroy you. Fire them!


The Unapologetic Haters: This is the type of friend that really never has anything positive to say about your success and blessings that have been thrown at your feet. They are the ones that may come off jealous and say things like, “Well, she thinks she’s all that”. You may post some of your accomplishments on social media and they will most likely not subscribe to your YouTube channel, like your status, favorite your tweet or like your Instagram pictures. The unapologetic haters do not believe that they are the problem and are so miserable with their own life that they feel the need to try and suck the positive energy out of yours. When your “friends” undermine your success they see you as a threat to their happiness. Your enemies are probably more loyal than this type of energy vampire in your life. Fire them!


As you grow as an individual and are fortunate to be blessed with success and the opportunity to achieve your goals, it is important to analyze your circle of friends. If you recognize traits of the Success Moocher, Innocent Liar or Unapologetic Hater it is never too late to make the decision to fire them from your life. If you continue to knowingly have  a toxic circle of friends, you have no one else to blame but yourself when they show their true colors. Don’t allow your circle of friends to block you from your blessings. Remember that it is so important to surround yourself with positive energy on a daily basis. Energy is contagious and you must be forever mindful as to who you let into your space.


Have you ever experienced a toxic circle of friends that literally sucked the positive energy out of you? How did you handle firing them from your life? Let us know through commenting below.

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