Living Life in Color: DC Edition “World’s Largest Paint Party”

If you don’t already know about Life in Color ,also known as Lictour, it is  considered the world’s LARGEST paint party. Hazel and I had never been to a paint party, so we were very unsure what to expect from the event. We did know, however, not to wear anything remotely important because it would probably get destroyed from all the paint. We are always ready to try something new and exciting and were ready to get our hand’s dirty and enjoy the event.

lictour 1 lictour

Check out our video from Snap Chat to see how everything went for us ! Don’t forget to follow our weekly adventures on Snap Chat at dahlias.ent


Since our tickets for Lictour were  considered V.I.P, we each  got  our own bottle of paint to throw on people. Hazel and I were a little scared to throw all of our paint on other people, because we feared they would throw their paint  on us. We played that one safe! The event was really amazing and I was super excited to go to an event that gave a different vibe to the DC area. We all know special vibes are important. Watch our Snap Chat video below and find out if we would do it all over again!

If you have never been to a Life in Color Paint Party I suggest you give it a shot. It’s deffinately practice for a bigger event like the Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas.

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