Christina Milian and Lil Wayne Break Up: Why Do Beautiful Women Date Horrible Men?

christina milian grills

Christina Milian and Lil Wayne recently ended their relationship that lasted over a year, due to cheating on Lil Wayne’s part. I’m not sure about you all but, I am not surprised! Lil Wayne has a history of baby mamas and  side chicks that would send most women running in the opposite direction, however, he somehow has the ability to romance many into believing that he is the “one”.


Even though Christina Milian’s career isn’t flourishing as it once was, say circa 2003-


she’s still extremely beautiful,  and if she were more business oriented, she would have a lot more potential. Christina Milian’s relationship with Lil Wayne and many other relationships within the entertainment industry, we see beautiful talented women fall for horrible men that don’t treat them well. Why is that? I feel as though a lot women believe that the wrong man will ultimately change their ways for them. They believe that if I give him everything that he wants and everything that he’s never had, then he won’t cheat, lie or hurt me. Although this makes a lot of sense, unfortunately some men just don’t care about committed relationships. Some men are content with having women chase them and never completely settling down with just one. I think Annie Wilkes from Misery had the right idea. Just break his damn legs.


But your beautiful, you can have any man that you want, why choose the one that sucks?

You can’t necessarily control who you fall in love with and selectively choose the person that keeps your mind going  in circles. At the end of the day, your appearance really has nothing to do with it. I use to look at women like Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift and Adrienne Bailon and wonder why it’s so difficult for them to maintain long term relationships. I’m sure they are all wonderful ladies, but sometimes you just have to kiss a whole bunch of frogs until you meet your perfect one. Despite this, if you know  beforehand that your partner has a track record of cheating and having commitment issues, please understand that you may come across the same challenges with them. In many instances, I’ve seen women get with men just “assuming” that they would never treat them like their ex. They brag about it, until they begin seeing his true colors resurface.


Before you start to catch any types of feelings for someone, it is important to figure out their track record if at all possible. It may sounds like your judging someone based on their past, but it’s seriously important to know something like them having four different children with four different women, for example. That’s a lot of freaking additional drama in your life. If you are really interested in someone that may have some baggage, understand that you cannot change them, or start to believe that you are in the clear and that they won’t exhibit some of their past behaviors. For example, Khloe Kardashian has made the decision to attempt to repair her broken marriage with Lamar Odom, despite the fact that he is a drug addict. I personally think that she needs to accept that her relationship with Lamar has run its course, however, I’m sure she feels that after his near death experience he “possibly” may change. This can also be said for men taking on a woman that may have a serious track record of being promiscuous. She might cheat on you, so be prepared for that. Trust is a component necessary in any successful relationship,  but remember that trust is something that is built over time and through truly getting to know someone.

lamar-khloe-weddingWhat do you all think about beautiful women dating horrible men and in vice versa? Comment below and tell us what you think.

-Dahlia Girls


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