How to Stay In Shape During The Holidays

I’m not “Miss Fitness America”,  but I do value my health and body image and just like anyone else I have experienced what it’s like to not be comfortable in my own skin. Today we are making a change. Is it difficult? of course, but nothing worth while comes easy. Keep reading as we  break down a few tips to keep you guys from abandoning your goals during the Holiday season.


Clean Eating

Anytime anyone asks me how I stay in shape, my number one answer is “clean eating”. A good and healthy diet is probably 75% of the work when looking and feeling your best. The next question is usually “what diet are you on?” There is no specific diet that I use, because I don’t believe in them. It’s common sense to stay away from fast food, desserts, and anything else you’re probably craving but here’s some examples:

-No fast food

-No desserts

-Drink water ONLY

-Never fry foods, bake them instead

-Limit dairy intake

I recommend trying those simple rules for at least 3 weeks and I PROMISE, you will see results. Oprah once said herself, “it takes 21 days to break a bad habit”.







Exercise used to be my least favorite thing to do and then I realized I was the reason that exercising seemed so unappealing. Cut out every excuse for you not to exercise, because it is important in your daily routine. If a gym is too expensive or you’re anything like me and can’t imagine getting dressed and driving somewhere to work out, then work out at home. Nowadays there are several options: work out dvd’s or youtube videos even. Have stairs in your home? Practice running up and down your stairs like a mad person, it’ll really help with cardio. Another great cardio exercise to do at home is to use a jump rope; and they’re cheap as you can imagine. Jump with a jumprope about 3 minutes a day in 1 minute intervals until your body gets used to it, then up the time to 5 minutes, then 10 minutes. Its a great workout and can be done right inside your home. Not to mention, exercising is an awesome stress reliever.


Staying Motivated

So probably the one thing that is keeping you from your “dream body” is your mentality; the mind can be a hard thing to overcome but it’s not impossible. If you find that staying motivated is difficult, grab a friend or family member to help join you. Another thing that can deter us is what we are surrounded by. My problem was the food items in my home. On one very spontaneous day,  I decided to throw away all of the unhealthy foods in my house and make a grocery run. I replaced all of those bad foods with healthier alternatives. I had no choice but to snack on an apple or some pita chips instead of a whole bag of Oreos. In addition,  the people you may live with or are surrounded by can be unhealthy influences. If that’s the case, tell them you’re working on practicing a healthier lifestyle and would appreciate if they didn’t buy sodas, pizzas and chips.  If you ask nicely, they may be willing to  come on a jog with you every now and then. When the people around you are dedicated to the same cause, its almost impossible to veer off track of your goal.


Start now

The last tip is to start right now. One of my biggest mistakes was telling myself  that I would start after the holidays or next month to break in the new year.  When it really doesn’t make a difference; the point was that I wasn’t dedicated enough to start immediately.  If you find yourself in that mindset at the moment, take advantage of  it and start now. Putting off these changes means prolonging a better, healthier you. I’m sure you  would like to see results sooner rather than later, so start as soon as possible. Don’t even allow yourself to say “as soon as I finish this bag of m&m’s”, start now!

Patience is key and I cannot stress that enough. You won’t see results tomorrow morning or even next week possibly, but just know you are on your way towards an improved you. Your journey to your dream body means patience and dedication. As long as you stay true to that, you will notice a difference  when you step on that scale or try on those old pair of jeans. You will  be so glad you stuck it out. And remember, no bite of anything is worth the guilt you might feel after!


Are you on a fitness journey? Then join us on our quest to get “Dahlia Fit”! Let us know in the comments how you plan to avoid all those holiday goodies this year. Good luck and stay strong, you got this!


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