Why We Hate Christmas

Everyone thinks were the modern day holiday Scrooge or Ms. Grinch but in this video we explain why we hate the Holiday Season. Either way we hope you all choose to spend the holidays with the ones you love, celebrating another year together! And remember, the holidays isn’t the best time of year for everyone so be thankful for your blessings and all that you have!

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Thanks so much for watching, as always we love you guys and stay strong! Xoxo

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xoxo Dahlia Girls

3 thoughts on “Why We Hate Christmas

  1. You both are so right about Christmas and what it’s become; love the video and you, ladies. The only drawback about the vid is it isn’t long enough! Ariel and Hazel, you 2 are top 1 percentile! Be well…and keep kicking ass.


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