SnapChat Confessionals?

Some of you may not know this but, we have a segment on our Snap Chat that we like to call #SnapchatConfessionals. Throughout the week, we turn our Snap Chat into a free and open place for everyone to confess to us their most personal secrets, ask questions or vent. We then of course give our real take on their situation and trust us when we say; WE DO NOT HOLD BACK!  Questions are always answered anonymously; we are in no shape or form qualified  to air out anyone’s filthy ass laundry. At  this point, you’re probably wondering why anyone would tell us their dirty secrets or listen to our opinion, right?


The best answer we can give is that all of our advice and opinions are unbiased, brutally honest and unapologetic. In other words, we have no problem giving you a perspective that you may have never considered. Cheers to being honest. More people should try it. Facetune

Allow us to give you an example that was recently brought to us during #SnapchatConfessionals. There was a young gentleman inquiring about how to safely remove himself from a situation where he was sleeping with his girlfriend and her brother at the same time. Yes you did indeed read that correctly.  This is of course one of our most extreme questions, but let’s be honest here; who was going to give him the most honest opinion besides the Dahlia Girls? Also with the holidays recently passing, that wasn’t exactly a situation to bring to all your family and friends for help at the dinner table or during Christmas Shopping. We are pleased to tell you with our help, that young misguided gentleman is still alive today with minor injuries thanks to us!.

JhD3f56Add us now on Snap Chat at dahlias.ent and your questions may be featured anonymously on our social media sites. Remember that you will always be judged; therefore you should do what the hell you want and live the life you choose.




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