Beyonce Proves She’s The Best Yet Again In Her New Single “Formation”

It’s only the second month in the new year and for Beyonce, this is going to be one of her best years yet. With a looming super bowl performance (her 2nd to mention) and a new single “Formation” that just dropped this morning, of course accompanied by a video, Beyonce still likes to remind us (not that we can forget) that she still sits on the throne of greatness.

After going off the grid for about two years, the queen has resurfaced and managed to make everyone yet again question what the f*ck we’re actually doing with our lives. Since surprising the world with her last album Beyonce, she’s decided to keep up with tradition and without warning drop a fantastic single.

She graciously decided to tell all the superstitious people how dumb they really are by repeating over and over again “y’all haters corny with illuminati mess”; while sitting fabulously on a sinking cop car in the middle of a flooded and abandoned neighborhood. She also blessed us with a little life coaching by preaching “always stay gracious, the best revenge is your paper”. She even got a little candid by letting us know she has “hot sauce in her bag”. God she has such a way with words.

The video shoots back and forth between scene after scene of her slaying in the most awkward situations. Like swaying her long braided locks outside of a moving 70’s vintage car. She made me want to attempt but I would surely end up in either jail, the hospital, or the morgue; so please don’t attempt.

Even her daughter Blue had a few scenes in the video and at 3 years old, she still managed to trump most people in their adult life (including mine). She’s definitely one of the coolest toddlers I’ve ever seen.

The song itself is different from what we’re used to hearing by Beyonce but to be fair, artistically she’s been heading in this direction since her last studio album. It definitely gives off the dance club vibe with a few interjections from random men quoting some ghetto fabulous phrases such as “I did not come to play with you hoes, I came to slay bitch”. Yes, we got the message King B.

As a whole, I love the song and even though I’m an empowerment Grinch, I love the bitchy twist she put on it. What I love more is seeing Beyonce boast about her status and the level of success she’s had as a solo artist, which she usually refrains from. But I say hey, you don’t work that hard and end up with this much success to be a poised modest lady that sits and smiles at us peasants; that’s what the First Lady is for. Honestly, the best part about her new single is her embracing her heritage and letting the entire world know how proud she is to be black. Seems like some people needed a refresher that she is in fact black. But don’t worry, you’ll be all caught up after watching her new video.

The single “Formation” is available exclusively on Tidal, but if you’re not subscribed to the streaming service like myself, head over to E! online to check out the music video or watch below.
Let us know what you think about Beyonce’s new single in the comment section below.

Written By : Hazel of the Dahlia Girls


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