How to Follow Your Dreams When You’re Broke (5 Steps)

People are always encouraging you to follow your dreams and to live life to the fullest, because eventually you will grow old and will look back at your life. Do you really want to be 80 years old looking back at all the years you worked at McDonalds to pay your bills; or slaved away at a mediocre ass job just to be able to afford a meal or two at Olive Garden while pinching pennies to pay your student loans? I never understood how some people can just merely exist in the world and day by day never cultivate the things that they are truly passionate about.

The question is, how do you follow your dreams when you have real life responsibilities? When your dream is to open up a successful business or to move across the country , how do you take such a risk when all your money is going towards your daily responsibilities? Below are a few tips to help you follow your dreams while also handling your shit:





This is the most critical step but this is also where many people get lazy and lose motivation. If you have yet to map out your dreams and goals step by step then it’s important to acknowledge that you are in fact being lazy with your life. For example, if you want to be a lawyer then what law schools are in your area? Have you started studying for the LSAT? How much are the application and test fees? If you’re trying to go the entertainment route, have you attempted to start a YouTube Channel or get involved with social media? Though your ultimate goal may be to move to a big city, have you started to consistently use the resources that are around you that are FREE.

Disconnect yourself for a moment and develop a game plan for your life. Don’t work a job you hate all day and then come home and drown yourself in carbs and wine…. then complain to your friends and family that you don’t know how to reach your dreams. If you need extra money in order to save and move to an area with more opportunities, understand that you may have to sacrifice getting Starbucks every morning or having cable. You might have some consistent sleepless nights and early mornings.  Pin point exactly how much money you will need to get to the next level, so you will know mentally where you need to be and start saving your money.

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This step separates the people that are serious about their dreams and those that just want to talk a hole in your face about all the stuff they want to do.  Let me remind you that complaining daily about how much your life sucks isn’t going to earn you any money. There are so many people that do not comprehend the fact that everyone has the same 24 hours in a day to make shit happen. I say that also with keeping in mind that several of the richest people in our country were reported to be homeless before they were notably wealthy. Let that sink in. You have to ask yourself how bad do you want your dream to come true and if you are truly working to obtain it on a daily basis. Make some immediate sacrifices and save those few extra dollars you spend every morning on breakfast and invest into your dreams. Stop being a fat ass and spending all your money on food or gym memberships. Look at where your money is going and cut unnecessary costs.



Something that I’ve learned is that at times we are not successful simply because we allow unnecessary people and situations to stress us out. If you’re spending all your time arguing and fighting for a relationship that is not working, you are putting energy into a situation that is taking you away from your focus. Let that shit go.

A pet peeve of mine is that I always see people that have a whole bunch of dreams and goals and then end up with a baby. I am aware that accidents happen, but if you’re deliberately not protecting yourself knowing you don’t have your shit together, you’re adding additional stress to your situation. I literally know someone who moved to New York and was working really hard at a career in dancing and got knocked up within the first three months. Like of course you’re going to have to move back home with your parents. Before you all bash me, it is definitely possible to continue to follow your dreams with a child but, knowing you were struggling to take care of yourself prior is not the best decision. Following your dreams and goals calls for  a mindset change. If you surround yourself with people that continue to make excuses everyday you will ultimately fall into that same basic  pattern.



Remember that your friends and your family members may not agree with your dreams or understand your goals. When Hazel and I started blogging, we lost a lot of support from family and friends simply because we decided we wanted to do something different. For me, I had to realize that trying to tell others your dreams who have never even attempted to follow their own is an epic fail. Also, taking criticism from people who haven’t constructed anything in their life is a waste of time. A lot of people are complacent with their lives and will never understand. I’ve been insulted several times and told that I should put my dreams on hold and think about having a family first. Though there is nothing wrong with people that choose that route, if you’re not ready don’t do it. Understand early on that everyone is not going to see or understand your vision but do not let that hold you back EVER.


….and when you make it, stunt on their asses as hard as you can. That was kind of petty.

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The last step is to realize that unless you hit the lottery or a miracle happens, your dreams will not come true over night. It doesn’t matter if you are going to school, starting a business, or even pursuing an acting or music career….understand that you will have to work your ass off.  So many people want success handed to them and honestly if you didn’t work for it, then you don’t deserve it.

You will have to continuously  build connections with people and some nights you may even question if all the sleepless nights and Ramen noodles are worth it. That’s a question that everyone has to answer within themselves. If you’re alright with waiting until you’re in your sixties to come out to your family as a Caitlyn Jenner or waiting until you’re in your fifties to realize that you hate your job then so be it.



Thank you all for reading. If there are any other tips on how you can be follow your dreams even when you’re broke, please feel free to leave a comment.

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