Is Ciara Proving That She Isn’t Over Future?

According to TMZ, Ciara is suing Future for $15 million due to him take shots at her parenting and relationship with Russell Wilson.  Ciara claims that Future has gone out of his way to disrespect her on social media as well as in interviews. She is suing for slander and libel, wants all his disrespectful tweets deleted and wants him blocked  from saying anything about private family situations that concern their baby son Future. I completely understand that Ciara is tired of Future’s childish antics and social media tantrums but I do feel that she is taking things a little bit too far. It makes me question if she is completely over the hurt from their relationship. Though I respect Future as an artist and  have to tell my ratchet demon to calm down every time “March Madness” or “56 Nights” comes on; Russell Wilson is definitely an upgrade for her in terms of a stable relationship. So if she’s so happy and in love with Russell Wilson, it makes me wonder why she allows Future’s immaturity to frustrate her on such a large scale. The umbrella emoji on all her pictures to support “Purple Reign” was pretty petty though Future Hive.


I personally feel that if they both are over the relationship then why are they still taking public  blows at each other. Maybe on some level, Future’s popularity is too much for her to handle; therefore a lawsuit would give her the closure she needs. I’ve been there too Ciara, except for the $15 million lawsuit part.  My advice, if Ciara would continue to show that she’s  not affected by Future and continue to work on her career, Future will eventually back off.  Again I’m going to emphasize the part about her focusing on her “career”. A lot of women can agree with me on this; when you stop giving your ex energy they miraculously stop putting in energy as well. People only push your buttons when they know they can push them. If Kim, Amber and Kanye can squash their social media beef and take a selfie together….then I know that Ciara and Future will be able to get their shit together.

ciara tumblr


Once you’re done with an ex then YOU ARE DONE. No questions…no damn answers.





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