Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Break Up?

The beauty of love and all the metaphors it inspires, brings just about everyone some sort of hope to one day find their soul mate. So what, Rob Kardashian fell in love with his kid sister’s boyfriend’s ex (remember this is a place of no judgement); he still managed to find love, even in a hopeless place.

Unfortunately for this darling couple, millions of people around the world only see a diabetic recluse and a stripper with a mean vendetta. Maybe cupid charged his arrow a little too much the day these two misfits decided to join in an unholy union but now thats no longer the worlds problem; since they’ve decided to deny everyone the pleasure from watching this train wreck (oh, arent they thoughtful). Here’s what Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian taught us about relationships.

Ok everyone, gather around to see the…Never mind, we’ve been denied access to the freakiest freak show of the year after Rob and Blac Chyna fueled rumors of a break up. After cleaning house on their instagram accounts just yesterday, the world waited to hear the inevitable; that the most bizarre relationship of 2016 had ended.

TMZ, E News, and every entertainment site raced to be the first to deliver a memoriam to the couples premature end, probably with a smile on their face. Then Rob decided to make an official statement via instagram explaining the social media cleanup. “Chy and I are not broken up we just feel like it would be a lot healthier for our relationship if we kept a lot more to ourselves.”


Oh Rob, thats the kindest act you could contribute to the world, even more so than a charity donation. Not only did he make a way more shocking declaration of love than any of his sisters in the history of the Kardashian klan’s  publicity stunts but it seems like he might be serious about Chyna. Going rogue on social media isn’t out of the ordinary for Rob since he’s been in hideout for a couple years now; but to actually remove himself and his lady love from the public’s opinion seems like hes trying to protect their relationship.

Ariel and myself have always said the key to relationship suicide is involving other people. Whether that be through the form of social media or drunk dialing your best friends after a bad fight. Not only does keeping your relationship private protect you from scrutiny, it forces the couple to deal with each other through the good and bad.

It also forces people to respect the privacy of your relationship. Because when you put anything out into the atmosphere, rest assure, someone will have an opinion. Relationships are already hard enough, why subject yourself to unsolicited stress.

We… correction, the world may not be ready for a relationship as distuurbing as Rob and Chyna’s but one thing for sure, its also none of our business anymore (even this blog post is out of line). We actually hope that more people take a page from Rob’s social media decision to keep his love affairs to himself; here’s to all my Facebook friends. To Rob and Chyna, just delete instagram from your iPhone so you’re not tempted to make the world want to self destruct again. Maybe i’m reaching too far but here’s hoping they use their powers for good and not evil.


Make sure you leave us some comments on your thoughts about relationships and social media.

Written By : Hazel of the Dahlia Girls

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