I Know My Friend Is Cheating On His Girlfriend

Yesterday, D’Angelo Russell of the Los Angeles Lakers received  a lot of backlash on social media after he recorded a video of a private conversation he had with his NBA teammate Nick Young.The video shows Russell asking Young questions about other women and Young’s confession to cheating. It is publically known that Nick Young is engaged to Australian rapper, Iggy Azalea, and now it appears that those wedding plans are up in the air.  It is unclear how the video made its way to social media,however, all fingers point to Russell. Why record a conversation that was obviously meant to remain private?

If you are the type of person that stays awake at night thinking about how your friend is cheating on their partner, then you have three options:

OPTION #1 : You could completely snitch to your friend’s partner and air out all their dirty laundry. Note that this will also include their sexual extracurricular activities outside of their relationship. Their partner is most likely going to ask you, “where is the proof”? If you do in fact have screenshots, video footage, pictures, audio or any other information give it to their partner. You should also go apply for a few jobs with the federal government because it sounds like you would do fabulous at getting into other people’s business as well.

OPTION #2: Go directly to your friend and tell them you feel bad for the partner they are cheating on.Tell them that you cannot handle watching them post heartfelt WCW posts on Instagram, knowing that they are Christian Grey on  the weekend with someone else. Tell them you do not want to hear anymore about their cheating escapades.

OPTION #3:  You could secretly get proof of your friend confessing all their sins and anonymously post the information in a public place where their partner will discover it; like social media .


If you have decided to choose OPTION #1, please ask yourself why you care so much to keep proof of your “friend” cheating on their partner. Do you have feelings for your friend’s partner? Do you not want to see them in a relationship?

If you have chosen OPTION #2, understand that part of being someone’s “friend” is them telling you their secrets and most personal issues. If your friend knows they can’t tell you certain things, your friendship may suffer and ultimately come to an end.

If you have chosen OPTION #3, you never  considered this person your friend.

Where is Your Loyalty?

I honestly feel that your loyalty should always be with your friend and not their partner. I have never felt the need to run to the rescue of the girlfriends of any of my male friends when I know they have five other side chicks that they text.Why you may ask? Because, it’s none of my damn  business. Unless your friend’s life is in danger, there is no reason to invade someone else’s relationship. In reference to the Nick Young  and D’Angelo Russell situation, I don’t understand the purpose of recording your friend talking about their personal business. I’m not saying that he leaked the video but, the act of Russell recording information that could  damage his friend’s engagement is a red flag. I do not blame the other teammates for giving Russell the side eye on the court. Yes, cheating and being dishonest in your relationship is wrong. But what is the point of having friends if you can’t trust them with your secrets?


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