Why Monogamy is Dead

I couldn’t even think of anything clever to introduce this blog post because the title was probably enough to make some of you give up on mankind entirely but don’t throw in the towel yet. Just read the post first, then contemplate whether or not the world is worth saving.

I could easily kick this off by complaining how it’s 2016 and no one even keeps track of how many people they sleep with anymore but that’s so cliche not to mention unorganized. The year or society has nothing to do with human instinct (just ask the entire love and hip hop cast). Even history will prove to you that a “one woman” man was scarce back in the day. So we’re not really progressing, especially since polygamy is illegal but that’s another discussion.

I’ve never been one to count down the days until I marry my knight in shining armor. I’ve actually always been kind of repulsed by marriage. Don’t get me wrong it’s a beautiful thing, especially when a couple has made a good life individually for themselves. But unfortunately that’s rarely ever the case and my Facebook friends can attest to that.

Generally I see people my age rushing to get married before they even snag a regular 9 to 5 job, not that marriage has prerequisites but why make life more difficult. Your 20’s is your time to be selfish and do everything necessary to have the life you want by your 30’s and 40’s. If monogamy is going extinct why aren’t more people focusing on themselves?

I’m all about being selfish but it seems like some people might be abusing that freedom. How many celebrities have we seen act single even though they have rings on their finger (no shade towards the entire NFL roster)? If people choose to get married why pretend like you never said any nuptials? I’m pretty sure the traditional vows don’t go “until death do you part, or until another hot piece comes along” so why even make the commitment?

Of course we all like to believe in love and reproduction but its natural to still be attracted to Idris Elba and Channing Tatum even though your boyfriend is your world; maybe your list looks a little different but you get the point. Some people aren’t cut from the ‘two hearts, one soul’ cloth and in 2016 (yes, I went there) its ok to put yourself and your happiness first.

Let’s embrace our natural tendency to be selfish and make ourselves a priority because once you say “I do” or sign a birth certificate, putting yourself first is just plain pathetic (they don’t call it the ol’ ball and chain for nothing). I’ll end this with one of my life mottos, marriage and kids are just like senior discounts; they’re great but no one should be in a rush to get them.



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