Prince Dead at 57:Robbed of a Legend

I’m still waiting for Prince to jump on Twitter claiming that his death  is a hoax; or to be spotted somewhere in public throwing the ultimate shade. After the death of WWF pioneer, “Chyna” (Joan Laurer) yesterday, I was already over this entire week. Now all I want to do is listen to “When Doves Cry”, while silently sobbing in my bed. According to TMZ, Prince’s body was  discovered at his Paisley Park compound in Minnesota early this morning.

It is still unclear what exactly lead Prince to his untimely death.On April 15, Prince had a medical emergency that forced his private jet to make an emergency landing in Illinois. The following day, he appeared at a concert and assured his fans that he was okay. Prince’s team even went further to let TMZ know that he was battling the flu. Now, I am no doctor but I am aware that the flu can turn into more serious  illnesses like the pneumonia. It makes me wonder if Prince’s flu symptoms turned deadly and he did not seek the required medical attention that he needed. All in all, I pray that there was no foul play or drugs involved.

Prince was all for the culture  and  his legacy will continue to live on. He is without a doubt a music master, and it will be difficult for anyone to touch his level of accomplishments and musical talent.  My only regret is that I never got to see Prince perform live and I always wanted him and Rhianna to do a song together. I’m rooting for Jussie Smolett to play Prince in the biopic ( don’t argue with me on this, he’s perfect). Prince we will miss you. Check out our favorite Prince song below. What was your favorite song by Prince? Comment and let us know.



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