Why Beyonce & Jay Z’s Relationship is Still Better than Yours

Beyonce. I could probably begin and end this blog post with just the singer’s name alone but this isn’t about gawking over her illustrious career. Instead we’re going to dissect a little more of the superstar’s now open book marriage and discuss why their infidelity ridden relationship is still better than yours.

April 23 was the day Beyonce decided to release her new album titled “Lemonade” which I think was a accidental mistake on her part because there was some major tea served. The 34 year old singer decided to stage a coup détat and forcefully removed her husband Jay Z from his throne. In case you haven’t heard her latest album, she begins the entire project with these words “You can taste the dishonesty, its all over your breath”. But believe me when I say that was her at her nicest because for the next 3 songs, she rips her husband a new one.

The cheating allegations are shuffled, tossed, and then violently thrown in the first half of “Lemonade” and its difficult to witness the train wreck of emotions. Obviously she’s not the first musician to cry her heart out in the studio over a disloyal lover but she was far from subliminal or subtle about her marriage problems; and as you can imagine the BeyHive has been in training to put the paws all on Jay Z for doing the queen dirty. Immediately after her latest studio album was released a violent earthquake of tweets, memes, and Instagram posts erupted onto the net. For every fan that had “Lemonade” on repeat there was another fan that questioned why someone as independent, talented and successful as Queen Bey would stay in such a toxic relationship?

Because they’re rich and famous and I know that answer might be pretty bland for a palette that has been enriched by Beyonce’s latest work but it’s the truth. Not only did she serve all of us hypocrites a detailed explanation as to why she chose to stay but it’s common sense too. Beyonce and Jay Z are not your average couple, no they’re not gods but they might as well be. They’re worshiped by millions as well as funded by millions. Still confused? Alright lets dig a little deeper to see if you’re brave enough to be honest with yourself.

The average couple meets, falls in love, generally gets married and has children while working and maintaining a normal life. We normally aren’t given the luxury to be concerned with million dollar diamonds, or cars that would take us 3 lifetimes to save for a down payment. We’ll probably never get the chance to even touch an actual black card and don’t even get me started with news reporters giving any sorts of f*cks in catching us scarf down a number 3 from In n’ Out. My point being, when you’re an average individual you have the luxury of privacy, something that no one on Beyonce’s caliber can afford.
Clearly the average person may never have the means to live the Beyonce lifestyle but to whom much is given, much is required. They may live a glamorous life but it doesn’t come cheap. When you live a life like this power couple, there’s a lot more at stake than a couple of mansions and a few Maybachs. Their perception is absolutely priceless, and that’s exactly what would be tainted if they did in fact divorce. The reason they’re held in such high regards is due to the respect they demand from people by keeping their lives private and seemingly blissful. With Queen Bey deciding to go rogue and get completely candid, something she’s never done before, everyone was left wondering where the couple stands now? Does she still want to beat his head in with a bat or is she ready to build sandcastles with him on the beach (yes her emotional spectrum was that bi polar)?

If you for one second thought that Beyonce dissed her husband or any of this came as a surprise to her better half, think again. Yes this was shocking for the world because they keep such a tight lid on their personal lives but their issues have been dealt with long before we got an all access pass to their marriage. How do I know? Because just look at the history of their careers. They’re known for keeping quiet, why would they just decide all of a sudden to tell us that their marriage was in trouble. She knew after releasing this album that there would be an even bigger spotlight on them, so i’m pretty sure they annihilated any and every bread crumb that led a trail to their deepest darkest secrets and issues. In other words, they like to be in control of what it is the world knows about them. She let us in for a moment because she wanted to, not because of an accidental slip up. When you think about it, no one really knew about Jay z cheating until his wife outed him so that should be proof enough.

As far as the conspiracy theorists are concerned, I doubt this was a publicity stunt because her name isn’t Beyonce Kardashian and I don’t think she would offer up her husband on a silver platter; since her latest tell all has the power to TKO Jay’s career.
Beyonce and Jay Z may be superstars but that doesn’t change the fact that relationships still require work, no matter what’s in your bank account or who knows your name. She supposedly found it in herself to forgive Jay and start fresh for their family but that doesn’t mean you are now permitted to call your ex who still lives at home with mom. Despite the hurt and pain in Lemonade Jay and Bey will remain ok and even if they’re not, they’ve just proven they’ll talk about it when they’re ready.


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