Why It’s ok to be P*ssy Whipped

Have any of your family and/or friends been giving you a hard time about your relationship? Do they call you a push over, sucker; or even worse, pussy whipped? Has your phone gone silent because your friends adopted a new turn up twin to hang with on guys night? If you said yes to any of these, you probably are pussy whipped but there’s nothing wrong with that (bet your friends left that last part out) here’s why.

First let’s define “pussy whipped” for all those lacking the modern day tongue.

“Pussy whipped” defined : The act of a man relinquishing all rights and freedom solely for the happiness of his over bearing, hyper sensitive, leech (but usually great in bed) of a partner.
The side effects of being in said situation is losing all your friends and sanity, simply because you prioritize your partner’s happiness over everyone else’s including yours. I should also mention that this is only in the instance that your partner knows your a doormat and they enjoy stomping all over you.

In the case that your partner is loving and detests abusing you like the “pussy whipped” push-over you might be, the whole definition changes as well. Instead of relinquishing all of your power, it’s more of an exchange between you and your partner. A mutual understanding of respect for each other that equates to the ultimate “couple goals” type of relationship.

This is usually when jealous friends who feel second rate to your relationship start to throw around the term “pussy whipped” or “dickmatized”. But don’t worry, it’s simply just a cry for help because of their overwhelming feeling of neglect.

There’s only one way to deal with people like this; never take it personal. If all they can do is turn your happiness into a negative, you may want to begin the daunting search for a new supportive group of friends.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this degree of pettiness, it’s that these types of “friends” kind of hate you and could for any of these three reasons:

-The first being either their jealous or secretly hyper-sensitive pussies. You’ve replaced them with someone you consistently have sex with and that’s pretty intimidating. Your friends know to hang up your jersey for retirement, you’re never coming back. It’s a little dramatic but the fear is all the same. Why wouldn’t you want to be around someone where at any point in time bam, fireworks everywhere? Maybe the old gang is scared your partner’s pillow talk is an intense form of mind control, so you never have guys night again. Your loverΒ has the power to end all ties with outsiders by cockblocking any sort of fun and your friends are well aware of that. Or maybeΒ they’re completely miserable in their relationships.

-The second reason is reality and it hits like a freight train. Once one friend wanders off into the world of love and relationships, the rest start to drop like flies and the realization is nothing short of terrifying. Some people would rather party and play the field well into retirement; then there’s the ones that would rather live la vida loca with a special someone at their side. There’s nothing wrong about either scenario but be careful not to judge each other when you guys’ version of a fun Saturday night begin to derail.

-The third and most disturbing reason on the list is maybe you’re not the only one that thinks fondly of your partner. Maybe your friend(s) bullying goes deeper than feelings of neglect. You with me yet? To make it plain, maybe your friend contracted one of the three β€œL’s” and they either like, love, or lust over your partner. Whichever it is, it ain’t natural and you should prepare for the sabotaging to commence.

Of course these are loosely based theories I’m passing along but it all comes down to if you’re happy in your relationship. If you are, then learn how to not let anyone’s opinion effect you. The same way you ignore mom’s advice, is the same way to effectively curve the haters. So, if your family or friends try to slap a “pussy whipped” label on you, just simply turn it around and tell them to go get some. It’ll definitely hit a nerve to where they start using your actual name to get your attention again. You’re welcome.

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