Inside Kylie and Tyga’s Nasty Break-Up

I started this morning off with my normal routine; nice hot shower, two pumps of creme in my coffee and the usual nosey check up on my favorite (and least favorite) celebs. Then I realized, this is no normal morning when the report “Kylie and Tyga split for good” blasted from the radio. If anyone needed anymore proof that there is a God, this was it. Who knows, maybe this was his way of apologizing for accidentally cursing us with Blac Chyna’s and Rob Kardashian’s pregnancy news. There’s only one thing to do now, take a look at exactly what led to Tyga and Kylie’s break up.



So we all remember the gruesome details of how these two love birds connected. A 17 year old Kylie caught the eyes for her older sister’s, best friend’s, fiancé, Tyga (then 24) and the feeling was mutual. The two began dating after Tyga left the mother of his child but the relationship definitely came with some heavy baggage. The odd couple struggled with rumors of cheating and reports of Tyga juggling Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner for months. After Kylie turned 18 and started sporting a new pair of lips the awkward pair seemed to be doing good.


Then the unthinkable happened and Kylie’s older brother Rob found love with Tyga’s ex and baby mother, Blac Chyna. Shortly after Rob’s relationship to Chyna went public the Kardashian/Jenner gang took sloppiness to a whole new level. After the pair got engaged, reports of a pregnancy began to surface. Now that Rob is producing the one and only next generation to the Kardashian name with Chyna, Kylie’s relationship to Tyga is not really conducive (not that it ever was).




A source close to Kylie and Tyga reported that her big brothers relationship was the final nail in the coffin to end the “Kyga” saga and the split was anything but amicable. Both Kylie and Tyga attended this years Met Gala last week but they arrived separately and were not photographed together. There were even rumors that Kylie forbid Tyga to attend the Met since she was the reason he was invited in the first place.

If things couldn’t get any pettier, Tyga spent mother’s day with a new piece of arm candy and I can only imagine kylie holding back the urge to “Lemonade” his ass all over twitter. Its about to get ugly and i’m thinking prison rules type ugly but this split was inevitable. It was never going to work even if Chyna hadn’t slithered her way into their camp, so to put the blame on their pitiful mess of a relationship isn’t all fair. Honestly Tyga and Kylie committed relationship-suicide when they fell in lust with each other.

When has a relationship as botched as “Kyga’s” ever been successful? Let me help you with that answer, never. To be underage dealing with someone seven years your senior that’s also a friend of the family and in another public relationship doesn’t make for a “white picket fence” ending.

Even though this relationship was messier than a love and hip hop reunion special, there’s still a lesson to be learned here (you knew it was coming). That lesson being, why do we allow ourselves to push forward in situations we know are toxic? Is it the thrill of trying to prove everyone wrong or are we really delusional enough to believe that love and relationships are supposed to be hard? Well no relationship is a walk in the park but they’re also not supposed to make you want to jump head first off a 3 story building. Life is too short to offer yourself on a silver platter to the crazy, so learn how to pick each and every battle. Sure it’s tedious but it beats the alternative; which is ending up like a Kardashian, minus the fame and money.

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