Why Men are to Blame for Gold Diggers 

We all express love differently; sometimes it comes graded, in different cuts, sizes and even a personalized set of papers, if you’re lucky. It sparkles, shines and screams this is how much my partner loves me (again, if you’re lucky). Yea I’m talking about diamonds or maybe your love is measured in horse powers, or square feet, or cold hard cash. Really doesn’t matter how materialistic your relationship is because the world only sees you as one thing, a gold digger.

I know us women can be shallow and to say we’re picky is an understatement but why are only women shamed for having standards? Especially now that technology has allowed men to design women as if they’re ordering  lunch. My point being, we all have preferences so why do women get the gold digging stamp of approval?


Obviously if a woman is relentlessly searching for the gold then she doesn’t have love on the brain. Don’t mistake her appreciation for gifts as an emotional connection for you. Those emotions will probably remain absent. Especially when the compensation for those feelings are expensive gifts, normally this sort of set up is a mutual understanding.
So who’s to blame? The digger or the keeper of the gold? Well let’s just examine how this all begins. Every time a boyfriend, husband, or person you’re sleeping with makes a mistake, how do they normally attempt to fix it?
Most men aren’t to fond of talking and crying their eyes out or binge eating Ben and Jerry’s chunky munky after arguing. Actually it’s been scientifically proven that most men repel anything that has to do with feelings; so they resort to buying their way out.


The next time you see a middle aged man with room mates or living with mom don’t shun him, pity him. He more than likely contracted a couple gold diggers in his day or one really bad one. You wouldn’t look down on someone with diabetes right?
Then there’s the age old argument that women should “be able to support themselves” and that “gold digging” is wrong and morally unjust while I do admit that my moral compass has been slightly altered, I have to agree. Women should be able to financially support themselves so that the way we can buy whatever we want, judgement free.


Seriously though, why put our lives in another persons hands, especially our partners? That’s riskier than investing in the stock market. At any given time a relationship can go from “I can’t live without you” to “yes judge, I rigged his brakes”. Who wants to go from Kate Spade to an endless supply of orange jumpsuits? Just because he’s willing to support you today doesn’t mean he’ll be so willing tomorrow. So be cautious and be prepared for anything.


But what about the men that volunteer or prefer to financially support or spoil their women? Is she still a gold digger because she accepts things from him? Hell no. My moral compass has yet to be calibrated so try not to turn blue in the face.
Why should anyone get labeled a conniving bitch or a whipped boy? These are two consenting adults that have made their relationship this way. So what if she needs to get her college loans paid and he’s the man for the job (blame my moral compass)? If that’s what they want to do, they’re going to do it whether anyone else agrees or not.
If everyone just minded their own business we wouldn’t be as repulsed by these things. Because honestly, the only people that can identify gold diggers are the ones that can’t afford to have one (you didn’t just read that). We all are responsible for our own actions. So if you don’t like gold diggers because they’re disgusting harlet’s that should be burned at the stake, then don’t date one.
So to answer the question “why women are gold diggers?” because men allow it.


Thanks for reading and let us know in the comments section below how you feel about gold diggers.

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