Iggy Azalea and Nick Young Split- Good Women Get Cheated On

Rapper ,Iggy Azalea,  opened up about the reason for recently ending her relationship  with NBA  player Nick Young. This morning Iggy tweeted, ” I broke up with Nick because I found out he brought other women into our home while I was away and caught them on security footage”. This information is not at all surprising, however,  I did imagine that Nick would have a little bit more respect for his woman after being caught the first time. It’s not like Nick couldn’t afford to cheat in the comfort of a chic hotel room, right? He obviously assumed it was more”comfortable” to cheat in his home, which says a lot about their relationship all together.To make matters worse, Nick’s ex and mother of his child is four months pregnant and he has confessed to sleeping with her after a drunken night. Let us not forget that this past March, Nick was caught on camera during a “secret” man to man conversation with his team mate DeAngelo Russell where he revealed that he has cheated before on his then fiance, Iggy.

As women, we always want to see the good in our partner. Iggy took Nick back thinking, “I’m not just going to walk away from the man I love after one little cheating scandal, especially since he wants me to be his wife”. She reportedly was working on building trust with him and mending issues within their relationship, meanwhile Nick’s mind was elsewhere.  As women, we stay in situations even when we know there are red flags. We stay thinking that love is enough to make things work….

Scrolling down my news feed on Twitter this morning I saw the following: 1. Bitter women saying men aren’t shit;  2. Women saying Iggy was dumb to not know Nick was cheating; and   3. Men saying that Nick should have been a smarter cheater. Many women are quick to shout “men aren’t shit”  and come together in bitterness when a man cheats on a presumably good woman. The question is, why do men cheat on good women?  It’s a question that honestly will never have a one set answer, and women forget that being a good woman doesn’t mean you’re exempt from getting cheated on or dogged out by a man.  As women, we make the mistake in allowing our emotions to cloud our judgement- “I’m a good woman, how could he do this to me”. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if your man cheated on you with a woman that looks like garbage and works at Taco Bell. Sure, that may be an exaggeration but, men aren’t typically checking to see if you look like an Instagram model, perfect body, have a degree and your own assets when they cheat. When someone has it in their mind to cheat, they aren’t thinking of all the times you were loyal and were there for them. They are thinking about the things that aren’t being done in the relationship as a whole and their options. Sometimes the person they cheat with just simply makes them feel good. Men are emotional cheaters too, don’t be fooled. However, men know when to leave situations when they start seeing signs. As women, we allow our emotions to guide us, in ways that are poisonous. We see potential and hope in dead relationships and situations; meanwhile our partner has silently already broken up with us. When I was fresh out of a breakup with my ex, I used to wonder how he was seemingly moving on so much faster and it was because he had emotionally left me months ago while I was still holding on to nothing.

What is a good woman? The idea of a “good woman” is not easily defined and I feel that the term is loosely used. Every man is not going to have the exact same response when he is asked the definition of a good woman . Society places these expectations and stereotypes of what is portrayed as a good woman and honestly it’s not accurate. Every man has different needs and wants and maybe he doesn’t truly want your type of “good” long term and in vice versa.

Why Didn’t Nick Cheat Smarter?

I can’t necessarily say that Nick should have cheated smarter, because cheating is cheating. However, I will argue that there are different types of cheaters. The way that Nick cheated is a perfect example of completely disregarding your relationship and not caring whether it lasts or continues. In other words, he left the relationship guns blazing with no intention to be genuinely remorseful. I definitely feel that Nick may have cared for Iggy in the beginning of the relationship, but somewhere a long the way he was mentally and emotionally done way before now.  So why would someone stay in a relationship and cheat when they could just leave? The real question is, why would he leave? He knows he is able to cheat and still have a woman that is willing to work through things and stand by him. When a man continues to openly disrespect the relationship and cheat he is also losing respect for you as a woman as well.  Both men and women have to learn how to distinguish intimacy and self gratification when in a relationship.  For example, your partner may have love being with you, as long as it is on their terms. As soon as things start changing and you quit providing gratification, they will either cheat or leave with someone who provides that for them.

Like many artists, hopefully Iggy will use this breakup to make some dope new music. I know she most definitely learned some valuable lessons out of her relationship with Nick.



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