9 Most Brutally Honest Celebs in Hollywood

Don’t you just love waking up in the morning to the latest news about another celebrity gone wild on Twitter? Or when they have total meltdowns on live tv for all to see? Or better yet, when they publicly declare war with their ex on Instagram? Well if none of those tickled your fancy, one of these 9 celebrities will because we’re discussing the most brutally honest celebs in Hollywood.

When I feel the need to spice up my life I make my way to check who’s trending on Twitter because it’s either a mysterious celebrity death, petty break up, or juicy feud. Usually when a new fight emerges from the depths of no where I know someone forgot to pop their Xanax and to brace myself for an eruption of the most childish posts, captions and tweets. Luckily for us this is the digital age. So even when those celebs sober up and try to do damage control by deleting the messy posts; the meme’s and hashtags have already been unleashed. Let’s look at hollywoods most famous villains.



1. Kanye West

You probably expected this name on the list at some point and for very good reason. Kanye is one of the most dramatic people alive. Why and how anyone still does business with him is beyond me because he’s the first to out a bad business deal (ahem Nike). Then to mention his bright idea to marry one of the most candid celebs on the planet. Excuse me but that’s kind of like an alcoholic in recovery working at the ABC store. Too harsh? Well at least I’m not Kanye harsh. At this point I’m pretty confident in diagnosing Mr. West with some form of schizophrenia or bi polar disorder but it doesn’t negate his self proclaimed genius-ness. Sure he’s stormed stages, interrupted speeches, thrown bitch fits on live radio shows, and encouraged his wife to dress up as his ex for Halloween (no judgement) but I still can’t manage to hate Kanye. In fact I respect him for his outbursts and inability to keep his money troublesΒ off Twitter. So I’m going to keep encouraging him to do so by retweeting all of his angry posts. Here’s to you Kanye and your next seemingly round the corner temper tantrum.

2. Chris Brown

Before beginning this section I would like to ask for forgiveness. So should Chris Brown read this post, he doesn’t release all his pent up pettiness on me that’s been steadily building since the Karrueche split. Not too sure where to begin because Chris has blessed us with so many moments. Should we start with the chair he threw through the Good Morning America window, the time he got his side chick pregnant, or the nightclub brawl with Drake incident? If you live for the drama, have fun taking your pick of the litter amongst several other occasions. Just like with Kanye, I have come to the conclusion (as well as Chris’ licensed physician) that there’s some form of crazy circulating through this young man. You can choose to go my route and get a good laugh from his moments of weakness or go the mature route and pray for him, he definitely needs it. If you do go the adult route, make sure to also include in your prayers he doesn’t piss off Instagram enough to get his account deactivated.


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3. Piers Morgan
Nothing is more repulsing than Piers Morgan and I’m pretty sure the rest of the modern world loses their lunch whenever he decides to open his mouth too. Now if you’re the older conservative or young prude type, then Piers is your guy. He usually ignites some sort of fury through the social media stratosphere by either attacking Beyonce for her choice of clothes, Kim K for her lack of clothes or almost forgot, countering #BlackLivesMatter with his very own #AllLivesMatter movement. This guy is about 3 tweets away from me checkingΒ ancestry.comΒ to confirm or deny any relation to Donald Trump. Not sure if he needs stronger meds or if he just gets a crack out of pissing off black twitter but if you’ve ever wondered what a racist sounds like, search him on Twitter for answers.

4. Donald Trump

I can’t believe Trump is as close as he is to the Oval Office but what’s even harder to accept is how much I’ll be spending on winter clothes after my move to Canada should he win. The world wasn’t ready for good ol’ Donald when he ran for office the first time but he’s been putting up a decent fight this round and its struck legit fear into my soul. No one realizes that if he wins, America is going to time travel back to 1652. Mexicans will be deported, blacks will be back picking cotton and the lgbt community will cease to exist; at least in America. This has been Trumps definition of a “New America” for some time and it’s a bit disheartening. I can actually see the Purge coming to fruition if Hitler… I’m sorry, I mean Trump wins. This will probably be the only time I admit that Deez Nuts for president was the better option. I’m just going to start internet surfing for some discounted winter ensembles now, this is all precautionary of course.


5. Charlamagne Tha God

You either love or absolutely hate Charlemagne because he never keeps quiet. No issue is too small or too crazy to be addressed by the radio personality and honestly my mornings would not be complete without his subliminal disses and calculated instigations. So what he’s an acquired taste and is probably the most aggressively vocal person on the list? Β I know its 2016 but the radio still exists and is pretty much dominated by The Breakfast Club morning show. Just about every celebrity has been up there and Charlamagne’s skill set is producing any kind ofΒ reaction from them on live radio and if not, theres usually some sort of altercation shortly after. Twitter is his real weapon of choice though. No twitter account is too irrelevant for Charlamagne to debate and he’s got an eagle eye for shade so tweet carefully or you might find yourself in the middle of a brutal twitter attack.

6. Stacey Dash
My my, how far Stacey has come since her “Clueless” days. I always admired how well she executed the “dumb friend” role because it was done so effortlessly. Well after several statements said by Ms Dash, it all makes sense to me now. Stacey seriously lacks any sort of common sense and not just because of her unwavering support for Mitt Romney against Barack in 2012 but because of her new job. She thought to add insult to injury by accepting a job at Fox news and no one accepts a position at Fox News unless you’re as dumb as Stacey Dash was in “Clueless” (hence the movie title). Safe to say she has surged past the point of no return to the black community. I can see her and Tomi Lahren now enjoying a nice Starbucks drink on their lunch break from pissing off every minority that exists. It was nice knowing you Stacey, not really.

7. Raven Symone

If there’s anyone more confused or lacking more sense than even Stacey freakin’ Dash it’s Raven Symone. Sure she was that cute little girl on the Cosby show, then that sassy teenager on “That’s so Raven” now she’s just Whoopi Goldberg’s angry black woman sidekick on the “The View”. Whether she’s disowning her ancestry or talking about who she wouldn’t hire based off their name alone, I really pity her. She doesn’t even belong on this list truly because she can’t help it. I mean, have you watched her face after making one of her instantly viral comments? If not, check it out on YouTube because her face is completely void of comprehension. It’s like she waits around to hear the roar of applause from the audience after saying dumb sh*t but it never comes. I sincerely hope they don’t fire her from “The view” because even though she’s said some pretty reckless things, it sure is fun to watch the train wreck.

8. Amanda Bynes

You might take offense to her name being on the list because she was diagnosed with some serious mental health issues. One of them being the uncontrollable urge to hurl the meanest tweets you could think of at every celebrity out there. I was having too much fun when Amanda went off her rocker because you never knew who her next victim was. It was celeb dissing wheel of fortune and the prize was always a brand new Camry. Of course after tweeting to Rihanna that Chris beat her because she wasn’t “pretty” enough then begging Drake to “murder her vagina” it was clear another child star had been lost to crack or whatever drug she was on. She probably doesn’t belong on this list anymore since she’s supposedly cleaned her act up but one thing’s for sure, I will never unfollow her account just in case she has a Twitter relapse.

9. Tomi Lahren

She’s not necessarily an actress or reality star, she’s not even a celebrity really but she sure is entertaining. In case you’re unaware don’t let this blonde bombshell who uses big words fool you. She’s pretty much Malibu Barbie on some sort of drug that makes you even dumber than Stacey Dash. Am I Kanye harsh yet? Anyways, TomiΒ has a very extensive video collection on YouTube discussing every controversial news story that’s ever broke. How could I forget to mention, she’s also an employee of Fox News; so you can already expect to hear very pearl clutching statements from this one. No matter how many signatures we can get on a petition, she can’t be stopped because Fox News will never fire her. She’s one of their main attractions actually. Don’t believe me? Just check out some of her interviews on YouTube but I warn you, the stupidity can be slightly infectious when coupled with words you have to search in the dictionary.

Never knew how exhausting this post would be to write but I’m officially done with the f*ckery for today. Let us know in the comments section if there’s any celebs you think belong on this list.

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