10 Signs She Might be Using You for Sex

There is this common misconception that men are the only ones expected or allowed to engage in a relationship solely for casual sex. I think the whole world forgets that women have sexual needs and  similar desires to express themselves intimately yet freely. There are so many blogs and videos out there to recognize red flags when a man is using a woman for sex but, no one really talks about when the roles are reversed. What happens when you meet an amazing woman with a radiant personality and perfect body to match? You arrange to go on a few dates, have sex and then you never hear from her again. After talking to a few men about this topic, a lot of them revealed that they have been through similar situations and were left confused, shocked and hurt at the fact that a woman could have sex and never talk to them again. Especially, considering the fact that they started to fall for their personality. Though most men say that they are more concerned with being used financially, being used for sex can be just as alarming if you aren’t paying attention to the signs. I believe that both men and women should tell each other from the start what they are looking for so that no one develops expectations or unrealistic feelings, however, we ALL know that things don’t usually play out this way.  Here are 10 Signs She Might be Using You for Sex:

Don’t Touch Me in Public

When a woman is interested in a relationship solely based around sex, she isn’t interested in public displays of affection. If the only time that she shows you even the slightest bit of affection is in the bedroom, then she may be using you for sex. There’s always the case that she simply doesn’t enjoy PDA but, when a woman is really in tuned with a man’s personality and can see a potential relationship on the horizon she doesn’t typically pull away from kisses, hand grabs or even those random a**squeezes. If she does, that is a red flag.


Don’t Ask Me Any Questions (unless they’re about sex…)

In order to maintain a healthy amount of space between sparking a mutual sexual relationship and an actual monogamous partnership, women will stay clear away from forming emotional connection. Therefore, if she is not open to discuss  her goals, family, friends, work, feelings etc , but, is more eager to discuss your d*ck print, favorite sex position and one night stands….RED FLAG.


Let’s “Hang Out”

If a woman just wants sex, she typically isn’t going to call anything that you do together a date. It’s more of a “let’s hangout” or “let’s chill” type of situation. She might send you a text during the day or late at night saying, ” Want to hangout later”. She isn’t expecting you to take her out on a fancy dinner date every week or impress her with hopes of cultivating an exclusive partnership. She expects you to be available when she reaches out to you for a “d*ck appointment” or in other terms a “booty call”. Men that are truly ready for an exclusive relationship sometimes get destroyed in this area if they are too emotional and show right away that they are ready for love.Women look at that as a sign of weakness. Though a woman may only want sex out of the situation, she may milk a man financially and emotionally for fun or gain until she get’s what she wants. Make sure before you start wining and dining a beautiful girl , you both are on the same page.  As always, men  don’t reveal your feelings so soon.


She Drops You

So once you have had amazing sex  with a woman once or maybe even a few times she may or may not stick around. If you have only had sex with her once and she disappears, she either:  1. did not enjoy the sex , 2. has someone on the side that is better or 3. turned off by something that you have done. Turned off meaning she may have seen that a man was emotional and  interested in a commitment she may not want during that time. He may be too possessive and have high expectations after a sexual encounter, while the woman’s interaction was  casual and fun. If a woman has had sex more than once and just decides to disappear and not respond to calls, emails or texts ect.,  she has either grown bored, found someone else or has simply lost interest.

If you have spent a large sum of money on “dates” and  gifts, a woman dropping you is enough to make you personally drive to her house (if you have the address) and ask to be reimbursed. If you are dropped by a woman, stop the calls, the texts and even trying to engage her via social media. Learn from the situation and move on. Don’t look desperate.


She Doesn’t Make Definite Plans

When a woman is only interested in sex, she sometimes won’t give you a definite “yes” or “no” answer when making plans. She’ll say  things like “I’ll get back to you on that” or “let’s just see how things play out and I’ll let you know”. A lot of women also will maintain sporadic contact and keep weekends free in order to have time for potential partners, to have free time and to not be too invested in just one individual. She may keep your text messages on “read” and never respond to your calls. She will respond on her own time because she views you as an option….Red Flag.


She Talks about her Ex Way To Much

A woman that continues to talk about her ex in general is not over the relationship, which is already a red flag and honestly annoying. It’s one thing to discuss your past when you’re getting to know someone but, to mention a past lover every chance you get is not a good sign. Depending on the duration of her previous relationship and how recent the breakup, you may be a rebound. Some women that are fresh out of a breakup are more likely to have sex on their mind rather than building a committed partnership.


She’s Doesn’t Care About Meeting Your Friends or Family

When a woman is interested in you and sees potential “boyfriend “material, she is eager to meet your friends and family after a certain point. She will want to know how you interact with the people in your life and how you treat them. On the flip side, if a woman never shows interest in meeting your family or even hanging out with you and your friends at a local restaurant she may have another agenda. To go further, she may never invite you either to meet her friends or family, which is also a red flag. If she’s more comfortable spending time indoors with you watching Netflix and having sex, she may be using you. Meeting the parents is way too personal and exclusive for a woman that is only interested in casual sex.


She Has No Respect for You 

Men aren’t the only ones that can get “dogged out” in the dating world. Women can play games and give you the run around, sometimes almost worse than men. If you have sex with a woman and she automatically puts her clothes back on and gets ready to leave every time, you are nothing more than someone providing a service….Red flag.  She’s not going to cuddle up with you after sex or lay around and talk. She completed her mission of having sex with you until the next presumable encounter.



She Makes No Effort

She makes no effort to remember anything that’s going on in your life and doesn’t think of you on major holidays or birthdays…red flag.  For example, you may be stressed out about the biggest interview or project happening in your entire career and she’s more concerned about the next time you’ll have free time to have sex. She doesn’t care that you remember her birthday because 9 times out of 10 she has already forgotten yours.She’s un-bothered when you send flowers to her job or show genuine effort to get her attention. You may not hear from her all day but, she’ll send you a random nude or nasty text  with no cares as to whether you’re having a good or bad day. She lacks emotion and sometimes has a nonchalant attitude. If you try and make jealous and flaunt another woman in front of her face, it doesn’t phase her.


She’s Selfish in the Bedroom

If every time you have sex she completely leaves you hanging after getting her rocks off, she’s clearly using you for sex … this one is quite simple. After she orgasms, if she is not willing to make sure you’re satisfied, chances are she doesn’t care.





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