When it’s Ok to Snitch

I think anyone that had access to wifi even in the furthest reaches of the earth, bared witness to Kim Kardashian outing Taylor Swift. The child in me had a good laugh until the adult in me reprimanded itself and I finally realized Kim has earned the “rat” stamp of approval. Maybe she did it for love or just because her last name has Kardashian in it but is any reason good enough to out even your enemy? Yea there’s a couple instances when it’s ok to be a snitch bitch, let’s check them out.

If you eat, breathe, sleep, die, and repeat loyalty then just exit stage left from this post because it will get your devoted little panties in a bunch. Now let’s get started.

When you’re more loyal to someone else:
This may sound a bit strange to betray someone out of loyalty to someone else but it’s very possible. The world just got a nice example of that when Kim outed Taylor for being a liar. It was pretty heart wrenching to watch the world side with a Kardashian for once but it was all for love. Kim was sick of seeing the world hate Kanye for being Kanye so why not make us all second guess who’s the real ass? Honestly I gained some respect for Kim. Their relationship doesn’t seem as staged now that she could apparently be facing jail time after her little snapchat debacle; what’s more loyal than a prison stint? Why should you sit back and watch the people you care about get ragged for someone you don’t have as much obligation to?

Other examples of this instance would be : if you know your friend’s significant other is a cheater. Or When you hear someone talking smack about one of your own. Only problem with this type of scenario is your wavering loyalty could seem messy. Your friends and family may question your true motives for outing someone else, so snitch carefully.

Returning the favor:
There’s always the detestable ‘witness protection program’ route and I’m not necessarily talking about the legal system. Some people have created the toxic habit of being loyal to themselves only and I can slightly relate. How many of us can say we’ve never been crossed by someone we trusted? I know I can’t. Discovering a trusted friend is in fact a snake almost seems like a right of passage to adulthood. How else are we supposed to learn that Barnie’s teachings about friends to the end are mostly bullsh*t? Not to give anyone a negative complex about life but there is such thing as being loyal to a fault and by the time we realize it; it’s usually too late. We’ve already been burned or traumatized and people lose faith in humanity by learning almost everyone else is looking out for themselves too. Might seem a little dramatic and very hypocritical but trust plays a huge factor in the life of a rat.

Other instances of this would be:
If you discover you were sold out first. Why take the heat for another rat? Two rats = one big snitching session. Don’t be the last to the party, just make sure there was one to begin with.

Telling on yourself : 

This is another strange incident on the list but also very possible. Plenty of people have secrets and secrets are bad juju. Most people keep personal experiences to themselves out of shame or embarrassment but what about when you follow the mantra “the truth shall set you free”? Well the truth does set you free because no one can use your secrets against you at that point (especially when you out yourself before someone else does). If a secret has been controlling your life, then take back your power by snitch bitching on your self. Outing yourself can be scarier than watching a James Wan movie solo but the result is what makes it worth it. Just give it a try, you’ll be exchanging stress and anxiety for a peace of mind, and nothing is better than living a worry free life.

Other examples of this instance : pretty sure you’ve heard or seen Beyonce’s Lemonade and although her hubby’s cheating was the inspiration behind the album; she clearly felt the need to tell everyone. In my opinion she was desperate to remove the pressure of always appearing perfect especially with so much trouble in paradise. The only issue with this scenario is everyone can smell your dirty laundry and if you’re a more refined person, the stench may begin to irritate you one day.
In my opinion these are the only instances where disloyalty is the right choice to make but just remember once a rat always a rat and snitches get stitches. Alright I’m done with the mobster references. Let us know in the comments section how you feel about snitches.

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