How Important is Sexual Compatibility?


It’s always exciting meeting a new love prospect, figuring out who they are and seeing how good the two of you match up. But if there is anything more exciting than getting to know them it’s definitely the first time you two have sex. Depending on how long the both of you have been building up to the grand slam moment, there could be fireworks or a complete plane crash. So how important is sexual compatibility?

When two people come together it’s because the chemistry is just too much to resist or because you had one too many drinks during happy hour. Still, sex is inevitable between two people attracted to each other. But what happens when the chemistry and attraction is there but the big “O” never arrives? Do you forget you two ever met and head for the awkward walk of shame or do you try again?

Sexual compatibility is a very important factor for two people consistently smashing but what if it’s just not there? Well good news is, it’s attainable. May seem far fetched for someone you caught some z’s on while having sex with but it’s not. Actually sexual compatibility is mostly taught. Most couples succumb to the dreaded “rut” that makes sex seem less exciting than the scheduled nightly news but that’s because there’s lack of communication.

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the person your seeing they suck in the sack but would you rather keep faking or get your socks knocked off? Let them know what your needs are whatever those may be. Slower, faster, rougher, more sensual. Maybe you have a few fetishes you’d like to try or maybe you can finally score that threesome? As long as there is an open line of communication between the two of you, the bedroom is your playground.

So sexual compatibility is great but if you don’t have it with your partner don’t lose their number. Sit down one night and plainly discuss what you like. Ask what they are in to and maybe even have a play by play of your last sexual encounter to see what the two of you liked or didn’t. After this conversation you’re going to be racing each other to the bed and if not, then definitely lose their number. Life is too short to have bad sex.

Thanks for reading and let us know in the comments how you feel about sexual compatibility. Do you think it’s important?

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