5 Ways Social Media Will Ruin Your Sex Life

So you just had some amazing sex with your partner. The kind that makes you want to go for a round 3 ….or a round 5. For some of you, the sex is so good that you feel the urge to post about it on social media. You feel the need to brag about how horny you are on social media when your partner is out of town or just simply at work.  I always wondered why people felt the need to put their sex life all over social media. Are people trying to make others jealous? Do they think that we are all at home twiddling our thumbs, and not having sex too?  I’m all for the freedom of sexual expression but, spilling all the details about your sex life on social media could cause some problems. Here are 5 Reasons Why Social Media Can Ruin Your Sex Life


   Leaves room for everyone’s opinion

We all can’t have the sex that Beyonce and Jay Z probably have unfortunately but, some of us out there are probably pretty close. Naturally, when you post your life and opinions on social media it leaves room for everyone to have a voice or even a certain judgement about your thoughts. Last week on Facebook, I literally saw someone from  high school bragging on their boyfriend’s d*ck game; when apparently an old flame decided to chime in and say, “how herpes immediately cancels out d*ck game”. I almost threw my glass of wine when she made that comment but , it was a perfect example as to why people should just keep their sex life to themselves. What’s wrong with keeping a little mystery about your relationship?


       Makes other people interested and wishing that they had it 

One of the worst things you could do is get on social media and brag about how good your man or woman “did it” the night before. The onlookers and possibly your so called “friends” are looking at those tweets and Instagram post fantasizing about what it must be like in the bedroom with your guy or girl. Guys think about it. You’re bragging about your girl’s body and how she is in the bedroom, meanwhile your bros are secretly looking at her body up and down when they see her. As for the ladies, bragging about your man’s d*ck game on social media will have other women  wondering about it themselves. Just stop.  I understand that some people may want the attention on social media but, that is not the way to get it.


 Leaves room for the temptation of cheating

Bragging about your  sex life in general on social media can lead to other’s wanting to experience your partner as I said previously. Consequently, it may indirectly prompt for other women and men to slide into your partner’s direct messages or for an old flame to send that “hey , bighead text”. Yes, this could already be happening, however, now you are almost giving others a  preview of what you’re getting in the bedroom or reminding someone of what they miss.


It can lead to insecurities 

Talking about your sex life on social media can cause insecurities to come out. Maybe on social media you were gushing about the amazing sex you had two weeks ago, however, in reality the sex has been pretty mediocre since then with your partner. Living up to the expectations of amazing sex can be very intimidating and cause insecurities for some couples. For example, the time two weeks ago your partner posted on social media may be a time  where you tried some new trick, however, you don’t want to necessarily  make that trick  a habit. This may cause you to feel that you are not good enough sexually for your partner.


It can cause your sex life to lose its authenticity

Last but not least, discussing your sex life on social media can cause the mystery and excitement to completely wear off. People need to understand that EVERYTHING is not for social media. Those pictures of you and your partner cuddled up in bed, should  remain private within your relationship. Everyone should not know your sex life, how you enjoy intimacy in the bedroom or even how your partner likes to do things.


Thank you all for reading. We would love yo know how you think social media can ruin your sex life? Don’t forget to follow our blog and subscribe!


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