How to Kill Anxiety & Stress

I hate those mornings when the sun is shining bright, birds are chirping merrily and you can just feel the start of a wonderful day begin to brew; stay with me, it’ll make sense soon. I hate it even more when there’s no traffic in sight, everyone’s polite (even that bitchy barista at Starbucks) and life just feels impossibly good. Then after getting home from a stellar day at work you turn on the tv and see the Bachelor give the final rose to Lauren over JoJo. Ok maybe your day from hell looks a little different fromΒ mine but you might get the point. If you do then you’ll appreciate these next few tips on how to deal with anxiety and stress.

In the instance you’re a Bachelor fan, I know that opener may have been difficult to relive but I’m here to help. Should you not be able to relate but you can identify with anxiety or occasional stress ruining your day, I’m still here to help. Here’s a nice life hack that you’ll refer too time and time again.

Everyone suffers from stress and anxiety! Isn’t it good to know that you’re not alone? Unfortunately that does little to calm the anxious person because we see a very one dimensional world. Once you have really been introduced to the anxiety that is considered a disorder, you’ll be able to comprehend the way it works. Not everyone copes with anxiety and stress the same. Some allow it to consume them and it can become a toxic habit. Once anxiety has crippled a person’s sense of safety, panic takes over. This is when physical health issues can arise and completely dominate a person’s life. If attention and proper care is not attempted, depression can form and it’s a very slippery slope from there. Millions of people suffer alone and that’s the source of the problem. Feeling isolated is how a person begins to feel vulnerable and vulnerabilities lead to dependency. See how the snowball affect of anxiety and stress can ruin anyone? All it takes is one traumatic moment and lack of dealing with it.

The good thing to always remember is this does not have to become a way of life. Stress and anxiety may never fully go away but we can learn how to cope with it. We can step out of what we believe to be a safe zone to get help. Stop telling yourself you’re alone in this because you don’t have to be. Reach out to someone you trust or a professional. When you’re thoughts begin to run crazy, realize that’s not reality. Allow yourself to see that you are creating a world of chaos that doesn’t exist at this very moment. The way to regain control over your worries is to stop. You have to accept the fact that you are the biggest roadblock in your own way but you can change that. You don’t have to live in a state of fear and stress, it’ll only physically affect you. Then what good will that be to add more issues to your life by becoming physically ill?

Most anxiety stem from issues we haven’t truly dealt with and any outcome is under your control if you want it. It will take work but it’s possible like anything you put your mind to. Ok I’ve dealt enough encouragement for one post but realize your strength and put it to good use. Everyone deserves to live the best life they can but sometimes you can’t control who the bachelor gives his final rose to and that’s just life.

Thanks for reading and let us know in the comments section how you deal with anxiety and stress!

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