How to Take the Perfect Nude

There’s something about that little feature on our phones that we love so much; you know the one that allows us to capture anything we want? Where would we be in the world if it weren’t for camera phones documenting life’s greatest moments? Such as snapping a pic of that awesome dish in that hipster restaurant you just tried or when you slayed your outfit of the day so hard the whole world needs to see it? Then there’s those moments after you’ve completed your 30 day squat challenge and just need a little reminder to not give in toΒ the chipotle cravings. Today we’re focusing on the latter, here’s how toΒ take the perfect nude.

1)Lighting is everything and don’t you forget it. When it comes to our bodies there’s not very many people that contour their arms, neck and thighs but that’s when lighting comes into play. Certain areas need to be highlighted while others appear darker or more shadowed to give you that nice chiseled look. Yep that’s right, just takes a little maneuvering in well lit areas to cut those stubborn pounds. Maybe physically nothing has actually slimmed down but at least you took a few pounds off in your photos. Now who needs the gym?

2)Make the camera work for you don’t work for it. Posing is slightly more difficult and may take a little practice. If you’re in a rush to reach the nude hall of fame then taking pointers from instafamous models never hurt anyone. Study how they position their bodies to work for them and compliment their frame. You don’t need to make a visit to Dr.Miami for that summer bod, just learn how to situate yourself in front of the camera. When done correctly : you can increase bra sizes by at least 2 cups, slim more than a fewΒ inches off the waist, transform lips into that famous Kylie Jenner pout, hell you can even achieve a couple Kim K curves once you’ve mastered the art of posing. Once you do, you’ll look like a completely different person. What a self esteem booster!

3)Its all in the eyes so you better learn to “smize.” Remember that crash course in posing that Tyra Banks gave us on America’s Next Top Model? If not, you may remember her coining the term “smize” (smile with the eyes) after shouting it at several of the models. That mini lesson was the ultimate game changer even for the casual selfie taker. Women everywhere were leveling up their selfie game from basic, boring, and predictable to Cara Delevingne on Vogue. This tip is exceptionally important if you’re sending to an interested party. Don’t just send your guy a picture of your nips (even though he won’t complain). Throw in a complimentary sultry stare that’ll have him glued toΒ his phone until you two see each other again.

4) Protect your nude like its your child! Yea it’s a little dramatic but there are nude swipers all around you just waiting for their next victim and after applying these tips, stealing one Β would be just like hitting the jackpot. Be vigilant in knowing where your nudes are at all times. Keep a record of who has them if you’ve sent them and when. Better yet, if you really have the burning desire to show off your new skills to an interested counterpart, keep your face out of the picture. As well as any sort of tattoos, or marks that could reveal your identity. Should any of your nudes get into the wrong hands and leak, i know its a difficult reality to accept but its very possible; you’ll be protected if you’ve taken the correct precautions. Selfie carefully especially when the clothes come off.

Those are my most basic tips for taking the perfect…no, ultimate nude. After a couple test shots you’ll be a professional. Just try not to become too addicted to it. AfterΒ you’ve gone nude on camera once you may never want to take a selfie in clothes again. Thanks for reading and let us know in the comments if you have any tips.

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