How to Keep Your Relationship from Ending

Its always somewhat tricky dealing with other people but especially when you throw building a life together in the mix. Once you have “the talk” and things are officially exclusive; you’re not just missing out on nights with friends, you’re not allowed to be selfish anymore. There’s someone else in the picture to consider now and if you have problems adjusting here’s a few tips to help better any relationship.

All relationships are different and very complicated.Β That’s lie number one thatΒ almost everyone tells themselves. All relationships are built from the same fundamentals and no relationship can work without communication, honesty, and trust.

Communication is usually the first thing to go when trouble in paradise starts brewing but it’s as simple as pulling your partner aside and asking “whats wrong?” Yea I know, but someone has to ask the tough questions. Without communicating you can’t ask whats wrong and without knowing whats wrong, you can’t fix the issue. See how simply that was all broken down? Communication is a major key in every relationship whether its monogamous, open, young, old, serious, or casual. Without communication it’s impossible to be honest when the two of you aren’t speakingΒ and then that’s when the trust goes MIA. Once the talking stops, the problems start.

Understand each others needs. There are plenty of things we all need from day to day and a relationship is no different. Unfortunately we may tend to forget or neglect our partner and in doing so we fail to give them what they need. Some call this a “love language”. Find out your partner’s language and congratulations you’ve solved the hardest and easiest riddle. For instance some people’s love language is quality time, or kind words, maybe they need affection. All of these scenarios represent how we, along with our partners see and understand love. So if your language is kind words and your partners is gifts, that could be a bit of a disaster. You can’t just walk up to your significant other and read them the 4 page poem you just wrote because thats not their love language.

Try picking up their favorite candy next time you’re at the store. Chances are they’re going to be elated over that bag of skittles because it shows that you thought of them when they weren’t around. Now you’ve successfully spoken their love language. Then again, this all comes back to communication and being able to identify what you need in the relationship to feel loved and then effectively telling your partner.

Lastly, realize that all relationships take work. No matter how old the two of you grow together you should never take your partner for granted. Don’t stop speaking their love language and communicating with them. Tell them as often as you can how much you appreciate them and all that they do for you. Teach them how to satisfy your needs by attempting to satisfy theirs. There’s a lot of give and take in relationships and don’t be afraid to give because eventually it’ll be your turn to collect. So next time you have a fight with your partner or feel as if things are fizzing out, let them know and if they care enough they will work to better the relationship. Alright if I tell you all anymore tips I will start charging hourly rates.

Thanks so much for reading and let us know if you have any tips for improving relationships.



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