5 Reasons Why Your Ex Changes After a Breakup

Ever breakup with someone and all of sudden they’re doing EVERYTHING they said they would never do. You may have been in a relationship with someone who said they  didn’t drink or party but, you catch them all over social media at the hottest clubs tweeting about how shit faced they are the next morning. Maybe you were with a girl who dressed super conservative and after a breakup, all her social media accounts resemble that of a budding Instagram model in the making; fit tea included. You might sit there and ponder why they couldn’t just be themselves during the entire relationship or why they didn’t feel comfortable enough to experience new things with you?  Here are 5 Reasons Why Your Ex Changes After a Breakup:

They’re Trying to Find Who They Are

So now your ex girlfriend has went from a conservative and shy homebody to a full fledged bombshell in a matter of weeks into the breakup. A girl that didn’t necessarily care about her appearance, is now taking advantage of the infamous 5 for $27.50 panty deal at Victoria Secret and hauling new make-up products from Sephora [ even though she has always said makeup isn’t  her thing]. Since the breakup, it’s possible that your ex has decided to enter some spiritual journey to experience new things and people. Maybe they have decided to spend their time out socializing with friends more often instead of moping around the house eating all day. They have entered into the stage of acceptance of the breakup. This is the stage where some women and men may feel the need to explore their sexuality, try a different style or discover more about their inner self. This is where the “Glo Up” happens. Your ex is just simply trying to find out who they are as an individual.

New Influences

You may be pissed that your once out of shape boyfriend has now become your ex with an undeniable body. You probably tried for months or even years to get them into a gym and now all of sudden they decide to get in shape. New influences in your  exes life can contribute significantly to them completely changing their lifestyle, habits and hobbies. This is no reflection of yourself. Sometimes a breakup is the motivator people need to make some positive changes in their life. Despite this, new influences can also contribute to your exes negative behaviors as well. The stresses of a breakup and leave some vulnerable for others to literally suck all of the positive attributes out of them, creating a monster that you don’t even recognize anymore.


They’re Going Through Something

It’s quite possible that after the breakup, shit completely hit the fan in your exes life. Maybe they lost their job, their dog died or their just overall having a shitty time fumbling through life without you around to help them [ don’t call them].This may cause their behavior to drastically change and for new emotions and personalities to surface that you never knew existed.


They Don’t Have to Front Anymore

Once the breakup is finalized, your ex doesn’t feel obligated to try and impress you or possibly hide things about them-self that you may have not enjoyed. They are now free to do all of the things they felt they couldn’t do with you or while in the relationship. This may be hard for some to accept but, it’s the reality of the situation.

giphy (2).gif

You Aren’t Blinded Anymore

Complete realization happens after a break up, and it allows us to see our exes for who they truly are. Maybe your ex that criticized you for drinking was drinking the entire time in your relationship.  Coming to terms with realization is something that many people are not able to do and they wallow in their denial. Don’t deny that you were blind to what was “really” going on in your relationship, instead accept that it’s no longer your reality. Some people have never actually changed after a breakup, we can just finally see past their bullshit. In relationships we put our partners on unrealistic pedestals due to love, without realizing that at anytime they can betray us. Actions first, words second!



Have you ever broken up with someone and their true colors came out? Leave us a comment!



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