Get Clearer Skin in 7 Days

Everyone’s definition of beauty is different but if there’s one thing everyone can agree on is that you need a clear canvas to create a masterpiece. In other words, clear skin is the foundation of beauty. If you’re suffering with any sort of acne or skin problems here’s how to improve skin in a week!

1. We’re going to start with the ingredient that makes up more than 70% of our bodies; if you guessed water then you paid attention in science class. Water plays a very vital part of how healthy we are and unfortunately a lot of people don’t hydrate correctly. If you’re struggling with skin issues ask yourself how much water you’re consuming daily. The average person should be drinking 8-10 8oz glasses of water a day. If you’re doing any less than that, that may be the source of acne. Water can also help to balance the oils on the skin as well. So those dealing with oily or dry skin can expect relief very soon. Replace caffeine or any form of sugary drinks such as soda or juice with water and watch your skin transform. Acne will lessen dramatically and skin tones will even out to give you firmer more hydrated skin that naturally glows. Don’t believe me? Try a one week challenge and I guarantee you results within the first 72 hours.

2. I know it’s cliche but diet and exercise also play a major role. What you put into your body will surface in more ways than one. The most obvious is our skin. Greasy foods, high carbs, dairy products and sugary treats can cause major breakouts if not consumed in moderation. A cheat day is ok but 4 times a week or more and you’re asking for problems. You don’t have to start some fancy diet that all the celebrities rave about. Just start with the basics. Obviously everything on McDonald’s menu is equivalent to rat poison but don’t let those “healthy” menu options fool you. A salad from a fast food joint is as bad as their heartiest burger. Try cutting fast food altogether and prepare your own meals so you can have control over the quality of the ingredients. Substitute normal groceries for healthier options. Like replace pork with turkey, buy the butter with 1/3 less fat. You’ll see results soon with just this minimal and basic rule.

3. Exercise was of course going to make an appearance on this list but not for the reasons you think. You don’t have to go all gym junkie to see a change although it can’t hurt. Again, keep it basic. Instead of taking the elevator at work, walk those two flights if you can. Don’t fight for the closest parking spot at your local grocery store, park a little ways down to get that extra physical movement. Have a dog? Take them on a nice 10 minute walk a couple times a day. Anyway you can think to get a little more physical do it. The skin is the largest bodily organ so it’s one of the first places on the body to show signs of unhealthy habits. A little extra cardio a day can improve anyone’s overall health. The more physically challenged you are the less your body will crave bad foods as well. People’s bodies that are more active than the average person require healthier foods to stay energized. And the body is smart enough to send the necessary signals to your brain to crave healthy foods to fuel your body. Take the next week to increase your physical activity and track your skins reaction.

4. Nothings better than a good nights sleep but many suffer from lack of it. Stress and other daily interruptions are usually the source of bad sleeping habits. Our minds tend to run, causing us to have troubles falling asleep and/or enter into deeper stages of sleep. Many people also neglect to understand the importance of getting 8-9 hrs of rest daily. The less sleep, the less time your body has to metabolize all of the previous day’s activities and consumptions. Which can leave a person feeling and looking exhausted. If you have problems falling asleep allow yourself 30 minutes to an hour of prepping for sleep. Turn off all mobile devices and anything else that could be distracting for you. Don’t focus on work or any other stressors from the day that can make your mind race. Focus on relaxing thoughts that can help distress your mind and let yourself slip into an almost coma. This is probably the easiest rule to follow on the list because who doesn’t love feeling energized and good. Rest can also prevent breakouts from forming because your body has enough energy and time to fight whatever may be the cause. Focus on getting at least 8 hrs of sleep over the next week to help aid your bodily functions, they don’t call it beauty sleep for no reason.

Yea these tips were pretty basic but they’re also the most neglected or damaged habits we practice. Try to make healthier choices the next seven days and I promise you, you will see a big difference.


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