How Success Ruins Relationships

Dreams are the heartbeat of life; they give people direction, courage and inspiration. Life as we know it today would be very different without the bold few that brought their ideas to reality. Just think about it. Technology may have never evolved, that’s right you could probably kiss Pokemon go goodbye without some of the worlds most creative people. But the life of such an innovator isn’t always as fabulous as their success. Here’s a little glimpse into the world of dreamers and how their ambitions could have potentially ruined their relationships.

Just one look at some of the world’s most rich and famous people and you can learn a lot. Sure at first glance everything seems fabulous; paparazzi everywhere, foreign cars and couture pajamas. Although the money seems endless and everything is at their disposal doesn’t mean they’re fulfilled in every other area of their life. How many times have we seen a celeb ship themselves off to some remote rehab facility, have public outbursts or be diagnosed with some form of mental disorder brought on by stress? Ever wondered what may be the cause? Well for starters many of these successful individuals lack any type of support system. They have people surrounding them 24/7 but they’re hardly ever people they actually trust. Yes, this is where the label “groupie” was born. Which brings me to my next question, how can someone so successful and materialistically blessed have a difficult time finding people to confide in? The answer is success.

Just about anyone that’s successful can tell you the tale of having no personal life. When you’re working to bring a dream to fruition it takes a ton of TLC. That means devoting almost every second possible to your goal. It’s easy to work for someone else, having a boss tell you the days task and what they expect of you. After your shift has ended, you go home and work is left at work. For the life of a dreamer work never ends, weekends don’t exist and you replace the idea of nights out drinking with business deals for fun. This is why many relationships go neglected simply because of lack of time.

Relationships are very similar to dreams, they too require a lot of energy and time, two things most successful people cannot give. Because they’re so invested in their goals even when they do spend time with friends or family they are still answering calls, checking emails and making business decisions. Even if you manage to catch them at a rare time when they are not working, chances are they’re thinking about it. This is the perfect cocktail for disaster in any and every relationship. When you’re physically and mentally absent from the moments you spend with people it doesn’t make them want to mark their calendars for the next time you guys hang out. Trust me, I’m learning this lesson now.

Since Ari and I began almost every relationship we’ve ever had has been affected by our lack of time for people. The more we invest into our business the more opportunities we’re awarded and its a very addicting cycle. Sometimes success will change the people around you, they may be treating you differently. The best way to prevent that is to keep them from getting too involved with your business activities. They can enjoy life with you but you’re the one that signed up for this career path so you’re more than likely the only one that can handle all that comes with it.

The best way to cure a dream damaged relationship is time management. If you want to maintain the relationships you have first realize their importance to you, then you can begin to prioritize. Be sure that when you are with people you are also mentally involved as well. Take an hour a day to yourself to shut down all operations and just relax. Whether that means catching up on some reality television (not very relaxing) or a jog at the beach, make it a habit. Working 24/7 towards anything causes mental and physical wear and tear on a person. How can you really enjoy your success when you’re so doped up on Xanax because you need assistance with controlling your stress levels? I’ll let you determine that one.

Either way learn to love the people in your life as much as you do your dreams. You’ll need someone there at the top with you because you know what they say; it’s a pretty lonely place.


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