How to Get a Flat Stomach

I can’t think of a worse punishment than active exercise, strict dieting and the delusional act in pretending cold stone doesnt exist; only to look south and see your own gut staring back at you. It’s happened to us all, here’s how to get rid of that stubborn gut!

1) Extreme dieting is the quickest route to bloat city. When the body is starved it learns to cling tight to any food you eat. This happens because the body wants to store away any food you eat out of fear it may be a while before eating again. Because you need energy to function and food provides that energy the body will hold on to it. That’s right, you heard it here first; extreme dieting can do the opposite of giving you that flat tummy. Instead eat smaller meals more frequently. This keeps you from stuffing yourself as well as speeds up your metabolism. Doesn’t it sound better to eat and lose weight vs starve and bloat? I thought so.

2. Sleep is a reoccurring theme in our fitness and beauty section because of how important it is. Believe it or not bad sleeping habits can contribute to a bloated stomach. 8 hours of rest is generally the required time our bodies need to repair, repel and digest. You can’t expect your body to process a full day of eating in just a few hours. It takes double that for food to course through the intestinal tracts and excrete nutrients from those meals. Try to go to sleep a little earlier and let your body do the work for you.

3. Food itself is the main issue here and it’s not that you got to go all vegan but avoid the obviously unhealthy foods. Fast food, greasy foods, and any foods high in fat or carbs is the easiest place to start. Dairy foods and any sort of starch are notoriously known for causing stubborn fat and bloating. Also note the time of day you are eating as this is very crucial. Eating right before bed especially any type of junk food is a huge reason for belly fat. Give your body time throughout the day to begin breaking down everything you consumed. Avoid eating anything at least 4 hours prior to sleeping and you should wake up to that flat stomach.

These are all very simple and doable steps on eliminating bloat. Of course their could be several other reasons for weight issues but chances are one of these on this list will help towards the cause. Give it a try and see for yourself.

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