Drake’s Dad is Releasing an R&B Album [Snippet]

It looks like Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham,  has been inspired by his son to drop an album. A snippet of the first track has been released. According to TMZ,  Dennis Graham’s first track from the expected R&B album is titled “Kinda Crazy”. After listening to the snippet, it definitely gives off a Neo Soul vibe.

Dennis has a history of making and performing music and I was actually shocked that he has a better singing voice in comparison to Drake—even though their styles are significantly different.  Perhaps, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree with this one. Dennis is trying to prove that even in your  60’s, it’s never too late to follow your passion. In Dennis’ case, it’s not too late to  launch an R&B music career….Drake being your son does help a lot with that though.

TMZ obtained a snippet from Dennis’ first track off an R&B album — “Kinda Crazy.” [Watch Below]

Dennis will reportedly be dropping the complete track later this month, while he continues to work on the album.

What do you all think about Dennis Graham’s shot at a R&B music career? Leave a comment below. 


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