Will Cops Ever Stop Shooting Us?

We’ve all seen the disturbing videos of innocent person after person gunned down by police. We’ve all watched these cops suffer the consequences by getting suspended from work (what a punishment). We’ve even watched the mothers and families of these victims plead for justice after having a loved one murdered by the people meant to protect us. Yet somehow, all of us witnessing these atrocities is not enough to bring the change we need. Let’s work through why why the black lives matter movement has come to a halt.

I think I can speak for most when saying we’re sick of innocent people being murdered by police. Its happened so much I’ve almost become numb to it. The names of the victims and their stories have somehow all began to blend together and that’s what’s so scary. No person should ever become accustomed to watching people die on tv or social media but with all these cases I’ve seen people become more and more jaded. For instance Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown are still talked about to this day, they’ve almost become martyrs in the fight for justice. The silent marches, peaceful protests and black lives matter hashtag became a movement and garnered national attention to a long standing issue. The media and everyone patiently waited for months to see if their murderers were convicted, to no avail. Meanwhile the latest cases have gone very quiet after only a few weeks.

Lately you may have seen the names Philando Castille and Alton Sterling, two recent high profile cases. Philando was a respectable cafeteria worker reaching for his wallet, Alton was just selling cd’s from his car but looked like a bad guy. Don’t they sound like two monsters that should be put down? Although James Holmes, Dylann Roof, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev can murder a total of 24 people and injure hundreds they were still cautiously apprehended, provided a bullet proof vest (to protect them of course) and safely transported to jail to await trial. Yes these cases needed to be dealt with in court but why are mass murderers treated with more care and respect than innocent civilians? If the justice system can recognize these terrorists as people that deserve a “fair” trial why can’t everyone be afforded that opportunity?

Well let’s migrate over to Orlando Florida where 49 people were murdered at a gay club, then to Dallas Texas where 5 cops were gunned down by a sniper, afterwards let’s cross the pond to Nice, France where 80 people were killed in a vicious attack. As angry as this may make some of you, im still going to say it. This is not a racial matter anymore. Life has been devalued by more than just one race of people. Anyone can be attacked or killed for hardly any reason at all while their loved ones never see any justice. There’s no simple solution to this unfortunately, but we have to start in the communities where it all begins.

Most killers aren’t born killers, they learn to hate people and the world around them through their surroundings. Yes the protests are necessary, they engage people but without certain resources how can we illicit real change? If you ask me, we’ve talked about and been shocked by these senseless killings for long enough; it’s time to take action.

A person’s environment is what shapes them into who they become. Being raised in the ghetto or an impoverished area can lead to a violent individual. People stealing, robbing and killing just to survive. Even Chicago’s (commonly referred to as chi-raq) black on black crime has been deemed an epidemic. How else is a person supposed to make it out of an environment like that when they don’t have the proper education because the government leaves little to no money for these programs in these areas? Without education it’s difficult to even snag a minimum wage job. The more difficult it is to provide for yourself the more tempting to make money by other means, usually illegal strategies. When a person is only exposed to this sort of lifestyle how can you expect them to not perpetuate their environment? When you’re surrounded by death and violence, you’re not too concerned about Starbucks new drink menu. In other words, they’re almost stripped of all the things that make us act like civilized humans because they hardly ever see anything besides brutality.

In order to change this, we need to improve communities and the only way to do that is with money. To make a better education system, improve living conditions and create more jobs would take funds from somewhere. Why not let that begin with us? The black lives matter movement is more than a hashtag. It’s an actual large source of support for our own communities. Imagine donations being sent in as much as we tweeted about wanting justice and change. Well let’s be about it not talk about it anymore. As we can see, it hasn’t kept these issues from happening. Of course it’s just my opinion but I think we’re all tired of fearing for our lives. To all the victims and their loved ones, hopefully we can end this terrible violence and find justice for all affected.

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