So Now We’re Supposed to Feel Sorry for Dylan Roof?

I’m going to begin by answering the question in the title with a very boisterous “HELL NO”. If you were patiently waiting for karma to get its savage hands on Dylan Roof then keep reading for a nice treat.

In case you needed a refresher Dylan Roof is responsible for the deaths of nine innocent people at a church shooting in South Carolina. A young girl only 11 years old along with two other women escaped with their lives. Not sure if he was updated on that last fact but apparently he had been bragging about killing the young girl and one inmate just couldn’t take it anymore. At least that’s his story.

Dwayne Stafford, 26, attacked mass murdererΒ Dylan RoofΒ 


Meet 26 year old Dwayne Stafford, serving time for first degree assault and battery along with strong armed robbery and providing false info to the police. Dwayne ran from his cell to the showers where Dylan was and brutally attacked him. Dwayne went as far as to describe it as “like in the movies when a girl in the shower and she gets startled.” Quite the story Mr. Stafford.

Well after he attacked Dylan, donations began to pour in and before he knew it; he was a free man despite his bail being set to $100k. People allegedly donated to Dwayne for a “job well done.” While I don’t have any bit of remorse in my veins for a mass murderer I’m also not too sure I’m happy about a man convicted of strong armed robbery and assault walking the streets either. But then again we don’t always get to pick and choose karma’s weapon of choice.


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