Why Justin Bieber’s Fans are Stupid


Being a celebrity is hard work; I’m not sure if the riches or the fame is worse. The freedom to go and do as you please while the whole world watches is another perk that comes with the job (as if I know). Don’t forget to factor in the lovely ability to control millions with world domination by means of social media. If you don’t believe me head over to Justin Bieber’s Instagram, the proof is in the fan pudding of stupid. If you’re a “Belieber” you’re officially one of the worst people ever, here’s why.

Since little Justin came onto the scene he struck the hearts of millions of tweens around the globe. Sixth graders every where united to send Justin on the quick path to super stardom. Then he finally got laid and turned into the ultimate deuche.

He ditched the cute innocent persona for tattoos and eye squinching selfies which boosted his female age demographic by about 6 years. But with his transformation came huge issues. He made a lot of reckless decisions including dating then heart breaking one of Americas most adored sweethearts, Selena Gomez. After several failed relationships, leaked nudes and attempted comebacks he’s pissed off the wrong one, his beliebers.

Justin posted a collection of pictures of himself and alleged new girlfriend, Sofia Richie to Instagram but on one post he threatened to make his account private if the beliebers didn’t “stop the hate.”image

There was instant outrage as fans everywhere turned on him.
To make it worse Selena Gomez saw an opportune moment to again steal more hearts and call out her ex for basically being selfish. She commented on his Instagram post that if he wanted the hate to stop then “stop posting pictures of your girlfriend lol” and forewarned him to not “be mad at your fans. They love you”


Nice save Selena she is one of the most followed people on Instagram for a reason I guess. But my issue is with you ‘Beliebers’ I understand you all feel as if you are responsible for Justin’s success which is true. But do you really expect him to be able to stop and acknowledge every single one of you? I know I’m coming in a bit heavy but he’s just one human that can’t possibly make everyone happy. If you feel unappreciated and tossed to the side, stop seeing him in concert and liking his posts. Quit spending countless hours tweeting him and waiting for a response. Maybe after making these subtle changes you won’t feel so hurt when he asks for a little privacy and personal space. Then again there is no cure for “beliebing” just like there’s no cure for stupid.


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