Why Everyone’s Mad at Khloe Kardashian’s Hair

Oxygen, water and chipotle are three of life’s most vital needs for survival. With wifi coming in at a close 4th followed by the iPhone, oh and apparently Khloe Kardashians hair. Something look out of place on this list to you too? Well according to the culture police Khloe’s hair is a cardinal sin. Here’s why everyone’s mad at Khloe Kardashians new hair style.


The Bantu Knot, a simple yet delicate hairstyle practiced in the black community before the community ever existed was shook to its core last week after a Kardashian wore the look. Yes, the Bantu knots is a very practiced hair style with African type hair and just like its sister style the “corn row”, it was deemed “hood” or “ratchet”; even ugly in so many words.



Blacks were always condemned if seen with these looks, even the prettiest instafamous model would’ve been seen as urban. But leave it to a Kardashian to hire a Bantu knotin’ stylist to do the job for a quick selfie or two. Then after swiftly releasing the photo to Instagram, the picture of course went viral.


Black women everywhere set new records for quickest meme creation while slamming Khloe for her choice of style. This is when the stupidity became so overwhelming I almost joined the herd. But truth be told, her highlight game cannot be touched.

Ok in all seriousness, I understand why we (black women) are offended. I mean hell, Cosmopolitan magazine created an entire “Trendy Corn Row” tutorial with a white girl; as we sadly ended up on Jet mag. But what’s new? African features and black culture are hardly ever seen as trendy, beautiful, or anything with a positive connotation attached to it. While I don’t think it’s ok for people to base the standards of beauty off of race, I also don’t think we can culturally regulate hairstyles.

I mean seriously, don’t we have much bigger issues to deal with? Like black on black crime or the high rate of teenage pregnancy in the black community. Maybe we should consider focusing on the growing cases of police brutality or why love and hip hop is still on the air. Of all the things to be repulsed at within our own community, we spend that energy on a Kardashian? I’ll let that sink in for you.

Thanks for reading and let us know how you feel about Khloes new do.

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