How to Ruin Your Ex’s Life

I’m pretty sure just about everyone has that one relationship they look back on and get instant stank face. Some of us even blame ourselves for falling for the wrong one, while others pretend it never happened. If you’re like me, your plotting ways for the ultimate revenge. Here’s how to ruin your ex’s life.

It really is ok if things didn’t work out, at least that’s what I tell myself? Let’s peacefully go our separate ways and I’ll watch karma annihilate your world from the shadows. What, too much? Well after dedicating my research to the art of revenge I’ve come across the most effective strategy for post break up sabotage.

Move on, yep I’m taking the PBS forgiveness route. Sure you could hook up with your ex’s best friend or worse, their enemy but what good does that really do? They might cry, scream or even call you every thing but the child of God afterwards but they’ll get over it eventually. True karma is forever. It’s that lesson learned your grandparents bring up every phone call. That’s the goal, so how do you do that?

Go Beyonce circa “irreplaceable” era on their ass! Take some time and grieve over the break up. Then after consuming as much junk food as CVS can carry, dust yourself off then get back to reality. The only way your ex will feel any sort of regret is if they see you as someone they lost, not someone they got rid of. So get back to you and your goals before the relationship started. Never lost track of your goals during the relationship? Then take this as an opportunity to devote even more time and energy into your own dreams.

Break-ups are more than an excuse to have a “hoe-phase.” It’s a time of reflection, lessons and hopefully growth. There’s no better of a time to focus on you until the one that’s supposed to be in your life comes along. I guarantee that partner will be able to compliment your life and vice versa. Or maybe you said “F” love and chose to go the forever single route. Either way you win because the ultimate goal in life is to become the best versions of ourselves. So if you look around in a couple decades and see a few ex’s don’t be ashamed or angry. Be thankful you were smart enough to realize they were a roadblock on your way to greatness. Yea I know it was cheesy but you and me both know that hit home.

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