5 Steps to Get Your Girl Back

So she’s the one that got away and you’re desperate to get her back? Plenty of people have been in this predicament but don’t give up yet. Im about to give you the secret to winning your girl back, no matter how badly you messed up.

Ok there is a limit to a persons love, in other words, depending on how bad the break-up actually was, as in the case that you killed her dog, had sex with her sister, or said she looked fat; you might not be able to get her back. Just wanted to be honest. For those of you with a shot here’s 5 steps.

  1. Pride equals bachelor city. Whatever you did to contribute to the break up you have to acknowledge it. If your the narcissistic type that feels as if they did nothing wrong; then be ready to cry every time she uploadsΒ a sexy selfie to instagram. You’re going to need to be completely transparent, so take a good look in the mirror and admit that smashing her best friend was wrong. That was a joke. But if you can relate to that scenario in any way, congratulations, you’ve fallen into the “worst ex ever” category and this post can’t help you.
  2. After you have realized your faults, work them out. Not with her, we’re not there yet but focus on you. If you want to get her back you probably don’t want to ever lose her again, right? Then fix the source of what caused the split in the first place. Was it your trust issues, lack of attentiveness, maybe you fell into a lower tax bracket (drop her if thats the case, she’s digging for something and it ain’t your heart)? Either way make sure you have weeded out any possibility of that problem ever being an issue again.
  3. Once you’ve transformed into a new and improved you, its time to put the work in. Be ready for this step because its going to be the most difficult. I’m talking aboutΒ the dreaded talk. Gear up for this because she could have any type of reaction. You know you’ve changed but she doesn’t. To her knowledge you’re still that guy that made her emotionally binge eat her way through the break-up at Coldstone. She may scream, curse or even throw something at you ,so make sure you’ve been practicing your bob and weave. At this point, she’s had more than enough time to practice her aim trust me.
  4. Patience is a major key in this whole process. I know how repulsive it is for men to sit and talk about feelings but realize once its all out of her system she’ll likely never bring it up again. Unless you recycle the same bulls*t that once stunk up your relationship so be sure to be there for her. She’s going to need a lot of reassurance and proof of change to believe your a new person. Don’t run when she serves you the ultimate side eye, she will be weary of you but the good news is your the only one that can change that. Patience will show her you are willing to stick out the rough patch just to prove to her she can trust you again and believe me she will.
  5. Never stop putting in the work! One of the most common issues in relationships is a couple losing their sense of urgency. We often fall victim to stress from outside sources like work or family and can sometimes neglect our relationships. You’ve realized the issue, fixed it, transformed into a new you and sat through about 8 hours of tears and emotional conversations. It would be the biggest shame to have put in all that effort just to screw it up again because you made the same mistake. That “I need her back” feeling you have now, bottle it and hang on to it. So whenever you feel like things are going south you can remember how you felt without her by your side and that will hopefully motivate you to not give up. Never stop working at your relationship no matter whatever distractions life throws at you. Or you’ll be the one binge eating your way through another split only this time she won’t let you back, she’ll be onto you by then.

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