Blinded by Good Sex-6 Signs You’re Dickmitized

It’s no secret that good dick can be hard to come by. Many women spend months analyzing men’s feet, hands and even a simple dick picture to try and foreshadow whether or not the sex will actually be worth it. Let me first start off by saying that being dickmitized is nothing to be ashamed of and it’s a condition that happens quite often. Have you ever looked back on a relationship or a potential partner and asked yourself what exactly are they giving me besides good D? Do they have anything else to offer besides good D?  Can they even form a simple sentence when they are in a conversation? These are just a couple of questions that should cross your mind.

Being dickmitized will give you a false sense of “love” and longing to make things work  with someone even though it may be a dead situation. Though amazing sex is pleasurable and can take your mind away from daily stresses; it is important to not fall into the category of being dickmitized. We all know that being dickmitized never ends in rainbows and sunshine; it usually ruins your life on various levels.  Here are 6 Signs that you are Dickmitized 

You Are Always Available

Good dick will have you answering phone calls and text messages at 3AM as if you were wide awake the entire time. You may be dickmitized if you make yourself readily available any time of the day or night, even if you have plans or are in the middle of something. You may be out having a great time with friends and then all of a sudden you get that, ” WYD” text , and in that moment  your dick appointment has become the most important thing in your world.


You Act Irrationally

Even though good dick is the only thing that this person might be giving you, you’re at the phase where your ignorance is bliss. You’re aware that sex should never be the  foundation of a relationship and you don’t care. This fact does not stop you from obsessing over their social media accounts or  from wondering whether or not they’re giving YOUR dick away to someone else .


You’re Way Too Emotional 

You’re emotional for no damn reason. The slightest thing he says may trigger you to cuss him out or burst into tears. Despite this, you never forget to text him again a day later with a chill “WYD”? text. It never fails.


Leaving Work Early or Just Not Going in Period the Next Morning….

Either you have already imagined that you and him are going to be up all night or that you honestly want to spend all morning having sex all over again. You feel that your job is not as important. You realize that you have taken the time to fabricate a detailed story of how your dog died while you had the pneumonia and then your grandmother passed away shortly after both events just to get out of work. You stop and stare at yourself in the mirror and are disappointed that you are lying just stay home and get some dick.


You’re Thinking About Sex at the Most Awkward Times 

A sign that you have been dickmitized is that you are thinking about sex at the most inappropriate times. Maybe you’re at the Thanksgiving dinner table sitting next to your 80 year old grandmother or waiting in the line at Chipotle….. God forbid that you’re in the middle of church surrounded by other’s catching the Holy Ghost!


You’re Doing Too Much for Absolutely Nothing in Return 

Good D will have you treating your boyfriend or a simple fling like they’re your husband. You’re completely okay with spreading yourself thin and going out of your way to cook and clean. You have no problem surprising him with a new watch or tickets to a game featuring his favorite sports team. You bend backwards even though you aren’t getting anything in return besides some dick.  


If you notice that you are experiencing any of these symptoms, get your shit together. Realize that your sanity is the most important thing and if you realize that the sex might be too good early on….it’s never a bad idea to run in the opposite direction. If in fact you are looking for more, it’s never a good thing to get caught up in the sexual aspect of what you may have with someone.



Have you ever been dickmitized and have you experienced any other signs? Men have you ever dickmitized a woman and how long did it last?

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