Does she like your dick pics?

The best thing about modern technology has to be the notorious dick pic. You know that picture you decide to send that hot girl you’ve been seeing after a couple dates or a couple drinks? Ever wondered how she really feels about your candid photo? Now you’re about to find out how women really feel about those below the waist shots.

1) I’m not that girl. One very important thing to know is sending a picture of your eggplant may seem like a good idea to you but what type of woman is she? Chances are if you’ve clicked on this post, this isn’t someone you’re married to or know too well so don’t be so straight forward. Even if she really likes you and can’t wait to sleep with you a dick pic could be the ultimate deal breaker. For one, most of us women like to come off as classy (even if we aren’t), so sending a nude a couple weeks into dating will almost force her to reject you. We generally don’t want to be seen as promiscuous with a guy we could see a future with. So she may play coy in hopes of you thinking she has standards and doesn’t just let anyone have sex with her, even if she is an undercover hoe.

2)I think I might vomit. Now every woman is different and there are a select few women that hate seeing penises. That’s right, some women think that body part is anything but sexy. If she has a not so great reaction to it, it might not be you. Maybe she had a horrible experience in anatomy class that scarred her for life. Seriously though, most women just aren’t into it and it doesn’t mean she doesn’t want you even though you may have killed some sexual tension. Of course it varies depending on how much dicks gross her out. Then again, your inches or lack therof may be causing her nausea.

3) You’re that type of guy? After pressing send to that full frontal you spent a good 6 minutes perfecting poses on, you may have made the ultimate mistake. Instead of her thinking “he really wants me” she may wonder if you do this with everyone. Women like to feel special and if you reveal every inch of yourself before she’s ready, it might seem like you just want sex from her and nothing more. Nothing’s a bigger boner shrinker for a woman than her crush coming off as a sex crazed freak.

4) You’re totally boring. I know that might sound weird to you men but we already know there’s a penis down there, unless theres other circumstances. It’s not all that exciting to get a picture of what we’ve already assessed with the hand to foot ratio guesstimate system. Then, what exactly do you expect us to say? Oh, what a nice shave you have? Not to mention we may assume you’re not intelligent enough to carry on a conversation. Women like to feel excitement and as ironic as this sounds, mystery is exciting and a huge turn on for many of us ladies.

5) Probably the reaction that makes you men feel awesome is her appreciation for your work of dick pic art. She may respond how much she likes it, wants it, or can’t wait to test out the new gear but beware. A woman with this type of response may only be interested in having sex with you. Funny how the tables turned, huh? If you have any sort of feelings for her don’t get too excited when she praises your nudes. She’s more than likely not thinking about anything long term, if she was, she would expect more out of you than this.

There’s so many more scenarios but the gist of it is, either she is attracted to you or not. If she has a thing for you she will be receptive to a dick pic even if she’s repulsed. She won’t be your biggest fan but she won’t disappear either. Β Just don’t send one before the third date please. Anything penis related before a nice steak dinner just seems desperate.


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