Women Shouldn’t Sleep with More than How Many Men?

There’s beautiful people on every continent, in every country, roaming every city, every damn day. Because of this fact, most men have little (if any at all) control over their penis and what it wants. Thanks to feminism and Instagram, women have stopped trying to control these lust filled urges. But does a woman’s amount of sexual partners matter anymore or has the acceptable number just changed a bit?

Since the beginning of time throughout several cultures, men were allowed to marry more than one woman at a time; while women remained faithful and true to that one partner. Sounds fun right? Who wouldn’t want to cook for their man while he’s out having sex with whoever will have him? Apparently not too many women are fond of that idea, which would explain the lack of f*cks given. In other words, women are finally free to do as they see fit with their vaginas.

No more fear of that pesky little (or big) number following us around like a dark cloud. Now it doesn’t matter if that number is 5 or 55. It’s our bodies, our choice, just like a man. Right? Hate to break it to you but that mentality couldn’t be further from the truth. Before you start mentally subtracting your number, let me explain why.

Women are people and people have the free will to chose how they live their lives obviously. But that also doesn’t mean we are free of any judgement either. While the amount of sexual partners you have doesn’t determine what kind of person or partner you are, it can influence how you’re viewed.
Not every man is the same, but some base their opinions of who a woman is by how sexually active she chooses to be. Yea I know, how insecure. Some men refer to a sexually seasoned woman as a slut while a woman that has fewer partners is seen as a wholesome or respectable lady. How does this make sense? Don’t ask me! Men are just as confusing as us women sometimes.

But what I will blame is society. Society is the one that has deemed many behaviors as acceptable or not. For centuries women were literally not allowed to have sex with multiple men and if she did it was more than likely because she was a whore. Like a literal whore, as in her actual job. And because majority rules, whores weren’t seen as someone you take home to mother. They were more of the “do that thing that my wife won’t do” type of women. And even though we would love to get rid of the mindset that a sexual woman is a bad person, we kind of can’t.

Why not? Because there will always be insecure people in the world no matter what. For some men it can be very intimidating to have a woman that has a high number. They could be fearful that maybe you’ve hooked up with a friend of theirs, or that you could be more prone to cheating, or maybe you’re better than him at having sex. Either way it all leads back to that man feeling less than average in some sexual area of his life. But that’s also his choice. If he only dates virgins, who cares? Virgins need love to and someone has to be willing to deal with that level of clingy-ness.

Do whatever you want with your body but remember these three important rules to live by if you’re a sexual woman. 1) Physically protect yourself. 2) Keep your emotions in control at all times. 3) Open your legs as much as you want but keep your mouth shut. The only reason why people’s opinions exist is because someone gave them something to have an opinion about. So to answer my own question, no, your number doesn’t matter. It’s who you tell your business to that does.

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