Are Men Too “Thirsty” When Approaching Women?

In the dating world, the term “thirsty” is usually demonstrated when a man acts TOO eager to get the attention of a woman. Ladies, I know that I am not the only one that has been out in public and  approached by a man trying to get your phone number or spend some time with you. Though this isn’t necessarily a bad thing; when a man becomes petty or aggressive when you politely decline his advances is the issue. So what exactly constitutes as “thirsty”? 

I’m honestly tired of the term “thirsty” because let’s face it,  a guy wouldn’t be thirsty if he was considered attractive to the woman he was pursuing. If a woman is genuinely interested in a man she would have no problem giving him her telephone number and meeting up with him for dinner…etc. She wouldn’t care if he texts her multiple times back to back or constantly tries to see her. She wouldn’t give two shits if he acts corny or tells her that he thinks about her all day.  What consciously makes a man thirsty is the fact that he is completely undesirable by a woman.


I suppose one of the common arguments is that when a woman  dresses sexually, then it gives a man the right to catcall and chase her down the street to get him to acknowledge him. Men please stop doing this. Yes, maybe you were polite and called her beautiful. That does not mean she is obligated to stop and talk to you, just because you had manners.  I can agree that women can sometimes be assholes when approached by men, despite the fact that we are taught our entire lives that a man should make the first move if he’s interested.

If you are a man that is aggressively shut down by a woman, shrug it off and keep it moving. The men that respond to being declined with calling a woman “a bitch” or any other disrespectful words is showing signs of immaturity, not thirstiness. Men, be mindful that sometimes women are rude when approached in order to send a message. A lot of beautiful women come in contact with creepy ass guys that feed off of positive gestures and will follow her all the way home. You’ve seen the Players Club, right? Shit like that happens everyday.


A lot of men have a sense of entitlement when it comes to women, while other’s just don’t want to be rejected. If a woman says she has a boyfriend, she’s a lesbian or that she just simply isn’t interested, it’s almost as if some men can’t take NO for an answer.Of a course a woman could really be a lesbian but, on a lot of occasions we just say that as an effort to make it be known that we aren’t interested in you as a complete sex so go away. I will say that in 2016, the “I’m a Lesbian” or “I’m in a Relationship” lines are now retired. Men don’t care about that.  Telling a woman,”well if you ever want to try dick one day take my number down” is not a thirsty phrase it’s a disrespectful one.

If you have texted a woman and she responds a week later, ignores your calls or continues to show she is not interested in spending time with you ….leave her alone. Don’t let it ever get to a point where she is blocking your number and your account on social media. There is a thin line between a woman playing hard to get and not being interested. Recognize early on that you might be going overboard and disappear. I think it’s time to also retire the term “thirsty”. People need to realize that everyone isn’t going to be attracted to them and that’s okay. If a woman shows that she isn’t interested in you, there is always a woman out there somewhere that will be.



Have you ever been called “thirsty” by a girl? Ladies, how do you handle guys that won’t disappear after you tell them you aren’t interested?

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