Did Kylie Jenner get New Boobs?

If you’re a regular snapchat junkie like myself and follow the self proclaimed “King” Kylie Jenner, you may have noticed some larger assets. Of course I’m talking about Kylie’s boobs. Did the reality star go under the knife? Find out below.


Life seemed ever so dry the last few days since Kylie took a leave of absence from snapchat. Just a few days ago the reality star returned but had a noticeably larger bust. And I’m not just talking about her cup size either. They even changed locations and appeared to sit higher on her chest than normal.


In her defense she was wearing a form fitting halter top and every girl knows the hidden perk behind wearing a form fitting anything. If you’ve never witnessed the transformation in person, these halters have the ability to make breasts go from small and depressed b cups to perky and robust c cups. So maybe it was the clothing? Just like maybe an all natural Kardashian/Jenner does exist.

Then Twitter exploded due to us tweeters being sensitive, nosey, and lacking any type of filter. Questions poured in asking if she had gotten them done. The 19 year olds response was very swift. She put off the new size on her “time of month”. She went further and explained that she has never gone under the knife or gotten any sort of breast augmentation.
She also gave the OK for one of her curious Twitter followers to feel her boobs for validation.

Now the question is do we believe her? Well when she first starting sporting a new pair of lips, everyone wondered if she got them done and of course she lied. The reality star claimed she “over lined her lips” and eventually came clean admitting she got fillers. So it’s not like she hasn’t lied about cosmetic procedures before and her family isn’t exactly opposed to plastic surgery. She blamed her media absence on a bout of food poisoning or could it have been her recovery time from a procedure? Not to mention, in my 25 years my boobs never leveled up 3 cup sizes because of any period. I wouldn’t hate Aunt Flo so much if I got a boob job once a month. Who knows? Kylie does.


My next question, are we allowed to pry? No we’re not. Yes she’s famous but it doesn’t mean she’s supposed to tell us everything about her life. It’s her business, her lips, her boobs, her life. So let’s focus on our own and if she decides to come clean about her new breasts (since I clearly believe her) then that’s up to her. Until then let’s just keep checking Kylie’s snapchat to see if her boobs actually deflate once her period is over.


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