Top 9 Most Talented Beauty Gurus

If there’s one thing to know about being a woman it is the amount of work it takes to slay. Those green eyelids and rosy cheeks don’t come easy. It takes months (if you’re lucky) sometimes even years of practice to master the art of makeup application. If you are a woman that struggles in the beauty department but would like to improve keep reading. You’ll be a beauty guru in no time, or at least learn their same methods.

I know I’m promising a lot here but this is from personal experience. I too, used to avoid makeup like the plague simply because I didn’t understand it. Now I get compliments all the time on my application skills. How did I acquire such knowledge? YouTube. I know it sounds crazy but the makeup industry saw a huge boost in product demand after a couple beauty gurus gained notoriety. Be careful though, there are plenty of self proclaimed beauty vloggers that recycle the same info from other successful makeup artists. But I’ve done the research for you and am choosing to spread the gospel. Here’s my list of top 9 most talented beauty gurus on YouTube.

*This list is in random order*

1) Jaclyn Hill        

If you’ve ever watched any makeup tutorial on YouTube, you’ve likely come across the name Jaclyn Hill. She skyrocketed to Guru status after one of her tutorials went viral but it’s not her skills alone that make her stand out. She has one of the most magnetic personalities on YouTube and is full of energy. Not to mention, she actually is a licensed artist that went to beauty school and worked at Mac for some time.

Not only does she share professional makeup application techniques with ease, she even breaks down all the madness. Like explaining which brushes should be used for which techniques, how to properly blend (believe me it’s more difficult than it looks) and she is honest about which makeup companies us viewers should spend our hard earned money on. Trust me you guys, there’s a reason why she is now working on her own makeup line after collaborating with major makeup brands such as Becca cosmetics. Don’t believe me? Check her out for yourself. But I warn you, her channel is as addicting as meth. You can’t just watch one of her videos without watching the rest.


2) Nicole Guerrirero

One thing I love about Nicole is her down to earth style that radiates through each of her videos. She began YouTube years ago and never changed. She’s one of those totally laid back vloggers but don’t expect a boring educational type sermon that makes you want to fall asleep. When clicking on her channel I know I can kick back, relax, and learn some good tips. To top it off, the vibe is like hanging out with your girlfriend. Did I mention her vlogs? She seriously needs her own reality television show, it’s literally that entertaining.
Head over to her channel but make sure you clear your schedule for the remainder of the evening, you’re going to need that free time.


3) Carli Bybel
I will admit that it’s quite difficult for me to learn anything from Carli because I’m always in a trance when watching her videos. I mean seriously, it should be illegal to be that fabulous. What I love most about the New Jersey native is her vast knowledge of almost all things beauty. Not only is she a very talented beauty guru but she could be a celebrity stylist. I’m not the only one to notice since she recently teamed up with clothing line Missguided to release her own clothing collection. When I say her collection gave me life, I mean it made me break out the credit card. The line was something you could expect from a well seasoned fashion designer. After visiting her channel she won’t just give you amazing makeup tips, she’s going to transform you into a new woman or man.


4) ItsMyRayeRaye
I know, ItsMyRayeRaye is a successful beauty vlogger that’s been featured in magazines and even started makeup trends but she’s also very relatable. Even with all her success she still manages to consider us little people that can’t afford to blow hundreds at Sephora. She takes drugstore makeup to a whole new level by showing how to flex on a budget. Sound good yet? Wait there’s more. She’s the ultimate beauty hacker, like how to safely color hair with chalk. She dissects trends to offer her viewers more affordable alternatives while maintaining it’s quality for even the tightest pockets. Oh yea and she’ll have you laughing until your stomach hurts on just about every video. I’m just going to suggest subbing to her channel before even watching one of her videos. Her content is literally that good.


5) MsAaliyahJay
Ok this is not the guru to watch if you’re looking for modesty or a conservative personality type because MsAaliyahJay keeps it real and she’s unapologetic about it. She’s one of those youtubers that you for sure don’t have to wonder if she’s suggesting products just because she gets a percentage of the sales. This Brooklyn bombshell isn’t quiet about how she feels. Oh, and you are going to get a serious kick out of her story time videos because they’re that crazy. She’s also another beauty vlogger that will upgrade you from head to toe with her tips on fashion, hair and other beauty essentials. Plus, she’s not afraid to push the beauty boundaries by experimenting with bright colors, bold lips, and striking eye tutorials. I can keep bragging about her channel for days so save yourself and take a peek at her channel.



6) Chrisspy
I literally don’t know where to begin with Chrisspy other than to say, she’s amazing. And that’s an understatement. Her videos are not only as informative as a YouTube video can get but I’ve never seen skills like hers done on camera before. I’m talking tutorials I don’t dare attempt because I’m so stunned at what looks, characters and magic she can create with just makeup. Every Halloween she drops the sickest tutorials and even makes them into mini music videos. Her channel is nothing short of awesome. Go see for yourself, just be ready to be blown away.


7) Jeffree Star
What can be said about Jefferee Star other than, he’s just that bitch? He rose to fame through MySpace and has been a respected artist ever since. He has collaborated with major cosmetic brands such as Mac and has even released his own beauty products. I will admit, he is brutally honest when it comes to just about anything. You may have even seen him toss Kylie Jenner’s lip kit into the trash, it went viral. Yes that was him but he did it for the love of beauty. He’s one of the most successful beauty gurus there is and for good reason. Search him on YouTube to find out why.


8) GlamTwinz334
I’ve been watching these twin sisters for years because of their extensive knowledge in beauty. Ok, let me be real, it was their hair that pulled me in. Their tips on how to maintain a healthy and gorgeous mane was more than informative. They made hair maintenance easy and then I noticed their makeup tutorials which were just as good. They also share some of the best beauty tips on YouTube for women of color when it comes to certain makeup brands, colors, and techniques. They have hundreds of thousands of subs because they’re that good at what they do. I’m not exaggerating, look up their videos to see what I’m raving about.



9) BeautyByGabbie
So Gabbie isn’t just gorgeous or another beauty vlogger, she’s a mom as well. While I don’t have kids myself, it’s nice to have a beauty channel to refer to when you want those simple yet gorgeous makeup looks and she does it effortlessly. Don’t get me wrong, she also shares tutorials on bold looks but I love her for the neutral ones. After applying her techniques the world will see you as a new woman without looking as if you needed makeup to do it. Yea she’s that cool, head to her channel to see for yourself.

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