Men Hate Make-Up on Women?

Have any of you noticed people, women in particular, are more beautiful these days? It’s as if Sephora sent a “Kardashian starter kit” to all the women in America and everyone’s beauty has been dramatically enhanced. Attractive women everywhere have been flooding the streets because of these trends and you would think that would make men ecstatic about life. Wrong! Men are so unappreciative. Keep reading to find out why men hate make-up on women.

Ok so allow me to first issue a disclaimer that not all men feel this way, now that I’ve hopefully lowered the influx of hate messages by at least 20%, back to business. Let’s talk about beauty trends for a moment. The standards of beauty have changed from generation to next. I’m sure you’ve seen a couple vintage photos of your mom rocking a 20 inch afro in bellbottoms throwing peace signs everywhere. Fast forward to 2016 where eyebrows are larger than life, highlights are so bright they resemble that of a traffic sign, and the Kardashians singlehandedly made cornrows trendy.

That should be proof enough that the face of beauty is ever changing and if not, I don’t know what is. But since a few years back beauty has reached all new heights or maybe lows in this case. Where women are spending hundreds of dollars to emulate their favorite celebs or beauty vloggers. The Kardashians also helped to bring full on glam to a place of normalcy; where now, even in walmart, you may see a cashier or two with a face beat to the gawds. But why do we even go through all these troubles to compete with others standards of beauty? For men? More than likely so. But do men even like it?

I’ve heard a few conversations between men where they claimed to hate “the cake-up”, in other words, a woman that wears too much make-up. I’ve even witnessed men bash make-up wearers by assuming any woman that wears it is untrustworthy because she’s hiding how she really looks. This accusation makes me giggle. As if those urban models they drool over have natural anything.

The real issue here is women allowing themselves to be influenced by anyone’s opinion. So what if men don’t like it or your mom tells you to tone down the contour. If you want to wear lashes with turquoise gems on the tips, then damn it you better work. And if anyone serves you a double take while in chipotle, pity them for not feeling brave enough to stand out. I know that sounds corny but don’t allow anyone to make you feel embarrassed of who you are. Make-up, fashion and all things vain are just another way for people to express themselves. So be sure to avoid the guys that bash women for wearing makeup because it’s dishonest, you expressing yourself is as honest as it gets. It’s not your fault they’re too dumb to realize that no person has ever been able to naturally grow bejeweled eye lashes.

Thanks for reading and let us know in the comments section how you feel about this topic.

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