If She Has Daddy Issues She’s Damaged?

The first profound relationship a woman usually has with a man is through her father or a figure she admires as such. But what happens when that relationship is unhealthy or non-existent? How deeply can daddy issues affect a woman? Keep reading to find out.

We have a natural tendency as people to rely on our parents to show us what love truly is. We subconsciously seek their approval, praise, and affections to indicate if someone is capable of loving us. But what happens if that lesson goes untaught? What if our parents don’t reflect the love we’re hoping to receive? Is this what damages people? The short answer, yes.

It’s probably ranked among the most traumatic experiences in life, to have had an unhealthy relationship with a parent. Ever adopted a puppy and the vet recommend you socialize them young? It’s all about them learning how to interact. The same can be said for a child. It is vital they have a healthy relationship with their parents to build confidence, and sense of self worth. Without this lesson, people tend to fill that void which can lead to toxic habits.

Any woman that has “daddy issues” has unsolved emotional baggage from her past. These issues can have a huge impact on a woman’s dating life as far as the partners she chooses to be with and how much she values herself. This is when acknowledgement becomes the better option. Realize that you have issues that need to be solved. Maybe you need support from family, friends, or professional help.

I’ll be the first to admit my relationship with my father changed as much as plots twisted on Greys Anatomy and just like the tv series, it was dramatic. Through my childhood we were closer than ever, fast forward about 10 years into late teenage-hood and we were almost estranged. Now being an adult our relationship is better than it ever was; once I realized, he’s human.

Many of us look to our parents as modern day heroes, that have all the answers and never make mistakes; which couldn’t be further from the truth. Our parents are human just like us. They make poor decisions from time to time and their job is to keep us from making the same mistakes. So don’t think that just because your parent made a bad choice or two it was because they didn’t love you. It was simply because they’re imperfect. Sometimes they’re even more fucked up than us and that realization can be terrifying. Just make sure to learn from them. Nothing worse than looking around in your 40’s and realizing you became the exact thing you hated.


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